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How To Embrace Your Circumstances In Order To Change Them

Accountability is all up to you. Now that can be a scary thing for some. But when you stop and think about it, that’s what’s great about living in a free society.

What you get from life is essentially what you put into it. It’s got nothing to do with your circumstances or other people. Your life is of your own making. So if you want a different result — you must begin to do things differently.

The best way to cope with any circumstance is to own it, accept it, embrace it and be involved with it. That’s right. Forget about the blame game — none of that matters. Here’s your result for now – deal with it. Your circumstances represent your life at the present moment. But they have nothing to do with your potential, which is of course, unlimited.

Embrace Your Own Reality

Embrace it all. Whatever you are dealing with in your life, simply realize that it is an outcome. That’s all that it is. Accept it by saying, ‘okay this is what I’m dealing with… this is the issue at hand’ and begin to kick it around a little. Ask yourself a few questions like… What’s this all about? What is the lesson I need to learn here? What has this circumstance shown up here to teach me? Look for the underlying value, instead of the surface frustration or disappointment. Go deeper.

Look For The Pony

It’s how you process the situation that you have that makes the biggest difference. Learn to see the value in it. Instead of seeing only the pile of manure in your yard, look for the pony. For some people that’s a crazy way to think because they see no value in a seemingly negative circumstance. But there’s always value in every experience you encounter in life, you just have to be open to it.

Don’t Get Frustrated 

You’ve got to handle the circumstances in your life with dignity, grace and professionalism. If you don’t deal with it internally – the manure will remain a stinking burden and nothing more. Life will not wait for you indefinitely. You need to see things in a different light from the masses who are constantly frustrated.

Even when your circumstances are not something you feel you created, you have got to handle it anyway. You simply have to deal with things as best you can. You could fight it, only to increase your frustration. You could play the victim card, or the blame game. But realize that your circumstances are the cards you’ve been dealt in life. Accept them. Embrace your circumstances and carry on with your chin up and you will ultimately be free. Simply say to yourself ‘okay, these are my circumstances, now how can I make my life work in a way that pleases me? How can I make the most of this life because its the only one I’ve got?’

Realize that success comes from the inside. You do it to yourself. You will succeed largely because of your efforts and you will fail the exact same way. It’s all on you.

Be Prepared

The first thing you need to do is get organized. Be prepared. If you’re not prepared, you’re operating at a disadvantage from the get-go. Realize that you can’t be prepared if you can’t put your hands on the things that will make you successful. Get rid of the clutter – especially the mental clutter that’s creating the brain fog and holding you back from the life you deserve. Get organized and figure it out in advance. Leave it alone and it will kill you.

When you’re cluttered physically, you’re cluttered mentally. When you start to straighten things up, it helps you gain clarity. This really does work and I highly recommend clearing your physical space regularly.

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Take Action

Sometimes you just have to do it. Jump right in. You don’t have to feel like working out to actually go to the gym and get those muscles working. You just have to set your intention and then get the wheels in motion. Show up. Feeling fantastic about it isn’t required. But actually taking action is. You have got to get yourself to do things that will make you successful.

*Success cannot come without action and you have got to take the actions to do the steps and enhance your chance of success. If you mentally and physically prepare for whatever it is Pin Ityou want to achieve, most of the time, you will be met with success. That’s just the way things tend to happen. But if you don’t prepare and you don’t expect to win you’re almost guaranteed that you won’t.

Focus On The Results

Be motivated by your results. Successful people do things and are motivated by the results they can see by doing them. Unsuccessful people are motivated based on their comfort level. They don’t want to step outside of what they’re comfortable with and so they never really grow. But the truth is… success lies outside your comfort zone. Be focused on the results not on the level of comfort. Eventually you’ll get to be more comfortable as you achieve more in your life.

Believe In Yourself

But some people won’t move forward without a guarantee. They want to know with absolute certainty that if they’re going to put the effort in – the glorious rewards await. But they have their doubts and therefore they never play full out. They hold back and say “I’ll believe it when I see it”. They’ve got it backward and won’t see it until they believe it.

Put yourself out there and go for it. Prepare as though you know what you were doing. Prepare as though your success is a done deal. When you do this, something wonderful happens and you begin to move towards whatever it is you want.

If you want to explore yourself and find out what else is possible for you, you can get a complimentary copy of my book called *‘The Winning Effect’ where I share four simple neuroscience hacks that can be used to get ahead in life.

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By Sandy Gilad
Sandy Gilard has a Master of Education degree from Harvard university where she studied Risk and Prevention Early Childhood. She has 20 years experience in private practice working families in education and behavior skills. Her focus has been on maximizing emotional fluency, connection, resiliency, academic excellence and advanced problem solving. A Head Teacher at the UCLA Neuro-Psychiatric Institute, Sandra taught seminars for staff and classes for UCLA students on effective behavior modification. She feels privileged to work with young people and feels that a child's life is a magical journey. Sandy is married to fellow teacher and writer, Adam Gilad, and they have a wonderful home high in the hills in Los Angeles, with their three dogs.

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