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Embrace Positivity And Eliminate Doubt In Your Life

The law of attraction states ‘what we think about, we bring about.” It’s the combination of our thoughts and feelings that manifest our experiences. We are energy, and our vibration tells the universe exactly what we want.

Knowing this we may feel as though we carry a big burden, as there are times when we feel sad or down, and we just can’t seem to get out of a rut. On top of that bad feeling, we now have to worry that we are manifesting our fate when we’re feeling lousy? Luckily we don’t manifest immediately, so we have some time to clear up our thoughts.

When we are not feeling our best, it makes good sense to find a game changer, as I call it, as soon as possible. I know, sometimes it’s fun to wallow in our sob story, but don’t do that for long! Muster up some energy to make a shift, and have a few game changers in your back pocket.

For me, I love music, people, nature, cooking, tidying up and lighting candles and having fresh flowers in my home. Environment is important to me, and I always feel better when I de-clutter and create a calm atmosphere. Figure out what makes you feel good and have those game changers at your disposal.

Here are a few steps to follow to create your game changer:

Change Your Environment

If I just got some news that feels bad, I’ll put on my favorite music, call some friends, get out of the house or wherever I am and change my state.

Gratitude List

Write a list of what you are grateful for, or state it out loud if you don’t have your journal handy. Recognizing how things could have been, and what you are grateful for now helps to re-instate that we have is better than what it could have been. That’s what your aiming for when your feeling less than happy. Shifting your perspective is key in changing your state. And gratitude helps you change your your attitude!

Accept Your Circumstances And Find The Positive!

There is always a silver lining. It’s all in our perspective. Uncertainty is actually not a bad thing. If everything in life was certain we would be very bored living in a perfect world, knowing exactly what to expect, and never feeling the contrast in life. We need a bit of uncertainty. The key is to accept our circumstances and find the positive in each card we are dealt. There is always a gift in each experience.

My teacher Robert Holden says “life happens for us, not to us”, so if it’s happening for us it’s for our greatest good, and there is an opportunity to learn and grow. Only through learning and Pin Itstepping into our fear do we get a chance to make a change and evolve, which I believe is the reason we are here!

We are here to become the healthiest version of our personality. And when we walk into what we are most afraid of, uncertainty is not so scary. We develop a fate and trust that whatever is next is for our greatest good, and that has some comfort attached to it. So uncertainty doesn’t seem so daunting when it’s attached to trust.

What we fear the most is usually exactly what we need to become stronger and break through our barriers that keep us from living an empowered life.

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By Andrea Vallely
Andrea L. Vallely, a certified life coach is an internationally recognized and award-winning self-help blogger and founder of a popular destination of others who share her same view on being happy. She is the host of her own radio channel and works with various organizations, universities and businesses. Andrea's passion is encouraging others to live an empowered life and be the healthiest version of themselves, experiencing their greatest potential.

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