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Do’s And Don’ts Guide To Manifestation

If you are embarking upon your first manifestation journey, it can be tricky deciding on which goal you want to achieve. During your first go-around with meditative and practical manifestation (yes, there are different ways to manifest), you should really focus more on the process than the object (or person, scenario, etc.) of desire.

Many people have a hefty mental list of desires they are ready to recite, if asked. “What do you want most of all?” can easily be broken down into categories (material, situational, relationship, spiritual, etc.), so that we can allow ourselves too many options when choosing a manifestation goal.

To help you with your first manifestation, here are some typical goals that you should NOT choose right off the bat.

Don’t Go For The Gold

The meaning here is twofold. Firstly, don’t aim too high. You don’t want your first experience with personal manifestation to be your ultimate spouse, dream job or costly vacation home. Thinking about manifestation from a genie-in-the-bottle perspective can be a mistake, as it will lead you very quickly into excessive material wants.

This segues into the more literal meaning of this rule: don’t start with a manifestation goal of a “thing,” at least not one that is of the sparkly and pricey variety. Understanding the meaning of manifestation will come in time and only from a mentally and spiritually rooted place is it appropriate to aim for something like a new car or television.

Don’t Be Too Charitable

You may feel strongly about helping someone else by manifesting on his or her behalf, but it is important to start with your own wants and needs first. By strengthening your manifestation and complementary meditation practice, you will come to view yourself and the world around you from a much more loving place and you will be able to discern what is realistic in terms of helping someone else. After all, manifestation for another person also means giving of your own energy, attention and time and you want to be adequately prepared for that.

Don’t Be Too Vague

If you’re overwhelmed by picking a manifestation goal, don’t give in and aim for something too general. A “healthy” relationship has many meanings, as does “success” and “happiness.” If you want to manifest something healthy into your relationship with your partner, for example, try envisioning what would need to change if you were to be more comfortable with the dynamic. That’s the thing you really want and the one for which you should manifest.

Don’t Forget The Do’s

If you feel intimidated by all these “don’ts,” take a moment to smile and breathe. Part of your manifestation design and practice should be fun! These are just guidelines meant to help you achieve the success you deserve. Let’s think about some major “do’s” to balance our list out:

  • DO combine with meditation to keep your manifestation powers active.
  • DO approach your goal from a place of love. Wanting to take something away from your life will put you in a negative mental space, so focus on adding something instead.
  • DO aim for something lighthearted. Manifestation, just like spiritual meditation, doesn’t always have to be about conquering all of your life’s imperfections. Choosing a seemingly small goal, such as finding a lost, treasured family heirloom for example, can be very rewarding.
  • DO settle on something you’ve been wanting for a while and of which you have a clear vision.
  • DO decide on something you can easily provide three compelling reasons for wanting.

Pin ItFinally, DO believe in yourself. As you begin your manifestation journey, you will come to many loving revelations about yourself, which will give you greater freedom and confidence in choosing your future manifestation goals.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Author at Since discovering the Law of Attraction, she has overcome some turbulent times to achieve plain sailing in life. Katherine strongly believes that 'you are what you think', which is why she now lives by the mantra that 'positivity is power'! Katherine’s mission is to share her own experiences of using the Law of Attraction to inspire change and happiness in the lives of all.

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