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DIY Hair Care Products Using Coffee

Coffee has many potential benefits when you drink it. It has loads of antioxidants that help fight free radical damage and ward of health problems that range from heart disease to cancer. The caffeine can give you a boost in the mornings as well.

It turns out that coffee can do so much more for you than just improving your health. Coffee has many potential benefits for your hair as well. It improves the health of your hair, adding shine and strength to each of your strands.

You can make your own coffee hair treatments to save you money that still allow you to reap the benefits of the coffee. Try making these DIY coffee hair treatments and you’ll notice that, with regular use, your hair will look shinier and healthier in just a few applications.

Coffee Shampoo

The good news about coffee shampoo is that you can make it yourself, using the shampoo you normally use. Experts recommend mixing a 1/2-teaspoon of coffee powder with 4 tablespoons of the shampoo of your choice.

You will then massage the mixture into your strands and allow it to sit for several minutes before rinsing with warm water. With regular use, the coffee will infuse your hair with shine and help bring out a natural brunette color.

Coffee Hair Spray

This DIY treatment is said to help your hair grow and is really easy to do. Mix hairspray with freshly brewed coffee. After shampooing your hair, massage the coffee hairspray into your hair, from the roots to the tips.

Massage the mixture throughout your hair and allow it to penetrate for 10 to 15 minutes, after which you can rinse the mixture from your hair with warm water. This type of hairspray isn’t designed to hold your hair, but rather to make it longer and healthier.

Coffee Hair Oil

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of putting oil in your hair. Coffee oil has many benefits, making it a worthwhile choice for many hair types. Mix ground coffee with olive or coconut oil and apply it to your hair.

It stimulates hair growth and adds shine and natural highlights to your hair. Use it just like you’d use any other kind of hair oil, making sure to rinse it well to prevent greasy strands.

Coffee Hair Color

Coffee has been used for generations as a natural way to dye hair a deep, dark brown color. To color your hair with coffee, apply the brewed coffee to your hair and cover with a shower cap. Allow the coffee to work for at least 30 minutes before rinsing.

The longer you leave the coffee on your hair, the darker your hair will become. Coffee hair dye is the obvious answer if you want a dye that is free of chemicals and harsh dyes. Coffee works best as dye for blond or light brown colors of hair, but you can also use it to color darker hair if you leave it on longer.

Coffee Hair Rinse

Coffee has properties that can soften your hair and make it shine, which makes it the perfect ingredient for a DIY hair rinse. Brew a pot of coffee and allow it to cool to room temperature. Then you simply rinse your hair with it.

The coffee infuses each strand with antioxidants and other plant compounds that encourage shine and help battle product build-up. The coffee also enhances natural highlights and can give you the head of hair you’ve always wanted.

Coffee Hair Scrub

You’ve probably heard of doing a scrub for your skin. It works to remove dead skin cells and other bacteria and germs that tend to collect on your skin. In much the same way, you can also do a scrub on your hair to help get rid of dead skin cells on your scalp and remove excess product.

Combine coffee with honey and olive oil to create a paste mixture. Massage it gently all over your scalp and throughout your hair. Leave the mixture on your hair for 30 minutes, and then shampoo it out. Experts recommend doing this treatment a few times each month for the best benefit.

Coffee Conditioner

If you have long hair or it tends to get dry and brittle, you should be applying conditioner every day to help keep it hydrated and moisturized. Because coffee can help create smooth, silky hair, it makes sense to create a DIY conditioner with it.

Mix 2 cups of conditioner with 2 tablespoons of coffee and apply it as you would a traditional conditioner. Use one that is designed for your hair type, and use it once a day for the best results. In addition to getting soft, detangled hair, you also get the benefits of bringing out your natural highlights.

Coffee Hair Mask

Just like you apply a mask to your face to pump it with nutrients and help hydrate and nourish it, you can do the same for your hair. When you apply a coffee mask, you infuse your hair with antioxidants and caffeine, which combine to plump each strand and give you the healthiest hair possible.

To make a DIY mask, combine an egg white with four ounces of coffee, and rub the mixture throughout your hair. The mixture also helps repair and prevent damage and breakage as well as adding shine and color to your hair.

Scalp Exfoliator

When your scalp is healthy and well cared for, it helps encourage healthy hair growth. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells from your scalp and encourages healthy blood flow so that your hair follicles are able to support healthy strands of hair. Because coffee is a bit rough, but not too rough, it makes the perfect exfoliator for your scalp. Combine coffee grounds with a deep conditioner, and massage it all over your scalp. Rinse with warm water to finish the treatment.

Coffee Hair Soak

Sometimes simply soaking your hair in a certain mixture can give it the benefits you want and need. Fill a bowl with warm coffee, but not too hot, and lay your hair in the liquid for several minutes. As your hair soaks, the coffee penetrates each and every strand with antioxidants and nutrients while also pumping up your natural hair color and making it smooth and shiny.

Pin ItCoffee is the perfect ingredient for DIY hair products. It’s inexpensive and easy to find, while also being super simple to work with. You can trust that coffee is going to benefit your hair without worrying about the potential damage that occurs with traditional hair products that contain chemicals and dyes that might not be good for your hair.

You can use cold coffee or simply use the grounds. Either way, coffee is sure to give you all the benefits to your hair that you want or need. Any type of coffee will do, but the experts recommend using organic coffee where possible.

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