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Diving Beyond Distraction

“Men are not free when they are doing just what they like. The moment you can do just what you like, there is nothing you care about doing. Men are only free when they are doing what the deepest self-likes. And there is getting down to the deepest self! It takes some diving.” DH Lawrence

In our modern society, it is so easy to get taken in by the numerous distractions that we are faced with…

From the moment our eyes blink open in the morning, we are faced with a choice; reach for the phone or take a moment to pause, set an intention for our day, savor the sanctuary of our bed or even simply take a conscious breath…

It sounds like a simple choice, but that whole moment can set the entire tone of our day.

Will we proceed to have a day fuelled by chores, to do lists, anxious planning for some future event, presentation or deadline… or a day filled with more space, reflection, moments of stillness and peace? Days can so easily turn into months, years and even lifetimes!

Our conditioning and everything about our modern world propels us to choose the first option, but the reality is, despite how fast our world is racing, we do have the CHOICE of whether or not we want to go along for that ride.

I love this quote that my brother shared with me some years ago when I would struggle with feelings of boredom.

I then started to pay attention to how I felt when I followed the path of distraction, be it Facebook, TV, online dating…I would be left feeling drained, numb, dissatisfied and most definitely unfulfilled.

I also started to notice how when I consciously dragged myself away from these things and instead listened to music, did some yoga, spiritual reading or listened to something online, my whole energy state would be revitalized and enlivened.

And that is part of the true path to discovering more deeply who we are and what it is that lights up our inner spark.

We are all so different and the key is to let go of pressures to engage in topics, activities, and pursuits that others find meaningful and instead seek to dive into our deepest self to find what it is that truly makes us come alive.

The expression “killing time” is one that so accurately describes the former state of distractions, where really, time is killing us!

Instead, we can choose to cherish each and every precious minute we have on this beautiful planet, to discover more and more about the unique, amazing being that lies within.

When we take this path, the whole world benefits, as we gain access to a whole world of inspiration and creativity that lies deep within each and every one of us! That is if we choose to dive into the depths…

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Katherine Hurst
By Dr Talia Steed
Dr. Talia Steed is a GP registrar and yoga teacher trainee. Her professional and personal experiences have shaped her holistic and integrative approach to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues, that consider the path to healing from a body, mind and spirit perspective. Talia advocates modalities such as yoga, meditation, body work, flower essences and essential oils for assisting us to develop a life filled with peace, contentment, and joy. Ultimately she believes that through the spiritual path of looking within and learning how to reconnect with our intuition and true inner-self, we can discover the unique purposes for our soul's journey in this lifetime.

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