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Discover The Top Homemade Remedies For Hay Fever Sufferers

Hay fever can cause people to have various symptoms, ranging from itchy eyes to sneezing and congestion. These problems are primarily caused by pollen and grass, but they can be made worse by other environmental pollutants.

Although there are prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs that are made for hay fever sufferers, many people understandably prefer to see what kind of relief they can get from natural remedies. As you’ll soon see, the possibilities for getting a break from your symptoms without relying on standard drug store fare are numerous. Read below to find out more details about several of them.

Herbal Options

Chamomile is used to treat hay fever in a couple of different ways. Commonly, people drink chamomile tea in the hope of relieving their hay fever symptoms. Furthermore, some health practitioners recommend putting a blend of chamomile and honey on a tissue and inhaling the odor.

The good news is that you may already have both chamomile and honey in your cabinet, making it easy to try this remedy and see how well it works for you.

There are also several other tea-related remedies that may ease hay fever symptoms. For example, peppermint tea improves nose and sinus congestion. It can also be effective in easing the coughing and scratchy throat feeling that often accompanies hay fever.

Alternatively, you can sip green tea, which acts as a blocker for the production of histamine. In addition to doing that, the tea might also boost your immune system, making you potentially less susceptible to other health problems than you might be otherwise.

Thankfully, green tea is so broadly available that even if you live in a small town with very few grocery options, it’s very likely you’ll be able to find it.

Finally, make some ginger tea and mix raw honey into it to make your hay fever better. In common with some of the other remedies you’ve already read about, this beverage is a natural antihistamine. It can be helpful in relieving chest congestion. Also, as with green tea, ginger tea may strengthen your immune system.

Butterbur is an herb that works similarly to antihistamine drugs. However, it’s not suitable if you have a known allergy to either chrysanthemum or ragweed. According to a study, hay fever sufferers were treated at 11 locations throughout Germany and Switzerland. Those who were administered butterbur reportedly saw relief of symptoms that was as good as Allegra, a conventional treatment for hay fever.

The patients were given a butterbur remedy called Ze339, which was derived from the plant’s leaves. Some people have warned that butterbur may have carcinogenic properties, which has raised some doubts about its safety. However, it has been used throughout parts of the world for centuries and is a common ingredient in the remedies available within many European countries.

Various Remedies You Can Try At Home

If your itchy eyes are making life frustrating and difficult, dilute non-alcoholic liquid calendula with water and put the solution in a container that makes it easy to apply to your eyes without spilling. Furthermore, if your eyes are also puffy, it may be worthwhile to add an eye dropper full of colloidal silver to your mixture. This ingredient is thought to be an anti-inflammatory.

There is evidence to suggest Omega-3 fatty acids, such as those present in fish oil, may cause the body to produce fewer inflammatory chemicals after being exposed to an allergen. Research is ongoing, but a study conducted at the University of Munich suggests that fish oil may either make a person less prone to developing hay fever symptoms (if he or she has never had issues before), or mean that a hay fever sufferer has symptoms that are less severe than usual.

You may also want to boost your intake of citrus fruits, or lemon and grapefruit in particular. Remove the rinds from those fruits and add the pieces of fruit to one cup of water. Keep the fruits in the water for 15 minutes before eating it. Because of the slightly tart taste of both these fruits, you may want to get into the habit of trying this remedy for breakfast. The distinctive tastes may help you feel more alert, especially if you are not a morning person by nature.

Although it’s not a consumable form of relief, there are some findings that self-hypnosis may be effective in reducing hay fever symptoms and helping patients cut back on the amount of drugs they have to use to get relief from symptoms. Researchers took two years to study 66 subjects who were suffering from hay fever. Although the scientists admitted the results were not very resounding in their effectiveness, some patients who were taught self-hypnosis techniques felt relief. That was especially true when the problematic allergens that triggered hay fever were birch pollen or grass. Even though the positive effects were not dramatic, this remedy may be one you could turn to, especially if you want to feel empowered by being able to control the way you’re feeling.

If you have ever raised a small child or are caring for one currently, you probably already know how steam is a simple but effective remedy for congestion. As you might expect then, steam is also excellent for helping with hay fever. Best of all, it’s free. For best results, add a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil to the water. However, skip this step if you’re taking any homeopathic remedies, such as those suggested below. Eucalyptus can counteract the positive effects of such interventions.

Homeopathic Helpers

Sabadilla is often used by homeopaths to help patients who frequently deal with sneezing fits and nasal discharge. Because you can take sabadilla in several potencies, it’s very useful to meet with a homeopathy expert to get guidance on how much to take and how frequently the doses should occur. If symptoms don’t get better within a week, it may be necessary to change your dosage specifics. If you go to a homeopathic specialist and have watery eyes and a consistent feeling of a lump in your throat in addition to the symptoms already mentioned, there is a good chance you’ll be prescribed sabadilla.Pin It

Alternatively, arundo is frequently prescribed when hay fever patients complain of having scratchy throats and watery eyes. Furthermore, sometimes these individuals also experience such severe congestion that they lose their sense of smell. If these symptoms sound familiar, check with a health food store and see if that shop carries arundo. If it is not available, wyethia is another homeopathic option that offers a similar kind of relief.

Now that you know numerous hay fever remedies that are completely natural, hopefully you won’t feel like the only option available to you is to pick up a conventional drug. Like most treatments, these may need to be used for an extended period to see results, but they’re all worth trying if you’re aiming to reduce dependence on non-natural pharmaceutical treatments.

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