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Discover The 10 Must-Have Traits Of A Likable Person

Simply put, the more you’re liked, the better off you are. Being likable comes with a lot of benefits, and likable people often end up with more privileges.

When you’re easy to like, people will enjoy being around you, and this can result in you being treated more kindly than an unlikable person on a regular basis. You’ll have more opportunities come your way if you’re likable, because in truth, people also prefer to give chances to people they want to be around.

The good news here is that being likable isn’t some trait you’re necessarily born with, and you can make yourself more likable by simply working toward being a better person. If you want to improve yourself or just don’t think you’re as likable as you could be, check out the following ten common traits of likable people. You might just find that you’re already more affable than you had even thought!

1. Genuine And Honest

Likable people follow that adage of “Say what you mean, and mean what you say.” People who tell the truth to others and are honest with themselves are just easier to like than people who practice deception. And no one really likes a person who is trying to be someone they are not, as it’s easy to pick up on that type of falseness in behavior and actions.

Of course, you don’t want to be blunt to the point that you are hurting another person’s feelings when it could have been avoided. Just work toward being more honest in your daily life.

2. Curious About Other People

People who are well-liked are interested in what other people can share with them. They value what they learn from everyone else, and they like learning about others. Other people want to share their experiences and stories with a likable person because they know that person will be genuinely interested.

Show enthusiasm for stories and anecdotes from other people. Sometimes, you may find yourself “tuning out,” so work toward stopping that behavior.

3. Great At Listening

A good listener is a great trait to have in general, and it’s a hallmark of a likable person. Other people really enjoy talking to a person who is respectful, attentive and not distracted when speaking with them, as that makes them feel respected and valued.

Improve your listening skills by paying attention to how you handle conversations. Are you fully present or are you thinking about something else and just politely nodding your head here and there? Practice focusing all your attention onto the person you’re speaking with. Try to identify your attention “breaking” points so you can avoid them and stay more focused on the person who is talking.

4. Humble And Appreciative

Humility is, at its core, the willingness or ability to learn from other people. Don’t ever hesitate to share credit for any accomplishments you’ve achieved with the help and/or support of other people. Being humble is a trait that will endear people to you and also help make you a better, more rounded person. By learning to give credit when credit is due, you’ll also open yourself up to more fruitful collaborations in the future.

5. Always On Time

If you’re the friend or employee who is always late, it’s time to change that habit. Being on time to appointments, meetings and events is a sign that you respect the time of other people, which is something that is naturally appreciated.

Start organizing your time better and planning ahead if you struggle to get to places on time. It’s better to be early than late, so aim to get where you need to be at least 15 minutes early until you get more of a handle on your time.

6. Free Of Judgment

A likable person knows every person is different, so they won’t criticize the choices of others even if those choices don’t line up with their own personal preferences. This trait makes other people feel comfortable sharing their situations, since they know that person will respect their choices and not judge their decision or worth as people.

It can be hard to learn not to judge if it’s a habit you have, but you can improve by really putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. If that were you, you probably wouldn’t want other people judging you, so keep that thought in mind when you’re hearing about someone else’s dilemma.

7. Helpful And Caring

Likable people are always ready to lend a hand to people who need help if they can. They care about the needs and feelings of other people, and in response, other people will come to them when help is needed.

By being helpful and caring, you’re also more likely to receive the same in kind, so these really are wonderful traits to have. Work on improving your feelings toward and willingness to help other people in your life, as doing so will make you a better person and enrich your life all the way around.

8. Positive And Happy

No one wants to be around a sourpuss, as they drag down the entire mood of a room. Affable people are quick to smile and laugh, and they help boost the moods of other people. They look at the bright side of things instead of dwelling on the negatives.

Trying to be happier isn’t exactly a short order, since happiness means different things to different people. While you shouldn’t force yourself to smile when you’re just not feeling it, you can work on being more positive and optimistic. This will also help you feel better in general.

9. Empathetic And Open

A well-liked person is able to understand the suffering of others and feel compassion. They can put themselves in another person’s shoes and gain a perspective on that person’s experience. Empathy is something you can improve by simply taking the time to listen and understand perspectives other than your own better than you do now.

Being open is another characteristic people appreciate. When you’re open, other people will feel more equal to you, and this automatically ups the regard they have for you. If you’re normally more secretive, it may be hard to open up at first, so take baby steps to get yourself there at a comfortable pace.

10. Not All About AttentionPin It

Focusing too much on yourself is a quick way to turn other people off because no one wants to be just an audience. Focus your time on more productive things, such as learning new skills and gaining knowledge, to expand your worldview and keep yourself freer of narcissism.

When you’re working toward being a more likable person, remember that it’s more about improving yourself as a person than making other people like you. The latter will follow naturally once you’ve become a better person, and your life will be all the richer for it!

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