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Video: Discover Powerful Truths About The Nature Of Self-Motivation

If you know what kinds of things you’d like to do, but really struggle to get going and start doing them, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with problems motivating themselves to act, whether they yearn to get fit, launch a new career or reenter the world of dating after a long break.

You may well have thought that if you have difficulty with self-motivation then that’s just the way you were built. However, it turns out that you have more power to change your motivation levels than you might have previously believed.

In this TEDx talk, psychology professor Scott Geller is here to teach you about the mental underpinnings of motivation. As Geller explains, becoming a self-motivated person is actually within your grasp—you just need to understand the basics of how motivation works.

Using captivating anecdotes to illustrate his claims, Geller goes through four powerful “C words” that can boost self-motivation. As a bonus, these same words are tied to being a Pin Itmore compassionate, loving person.

You’ll find Geller’s talk feeling more excited about your goals, and more able than ever to reach your maximum potential. No matter what area of your life has left you feeling stuck, immobile or emotionally paralyzed, you have the power to break free of that frustration and create the future you’ve always wanted.

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