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Decreasing Clutter Equals Improved Productivity

Albert Einstein was once famously quoted as saying that if a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what then is an empty desk a sign? However, there is no denying that a cluttered office space is not conducive to productivity.

Anyone spending more time searching for important files or ledgers than doing the actual work can definitely benefit from some organization. Typically, however, it is something that has a very low priority, as it can be perceived as a waste of time, but whatever time is spent getting organized can easily be won back by the efficiency of the new arrangement.

Taking The Plunge And Getting Organized

Depending on the amount of accumulated clutter the most daunting part of getting organized is usually getting started. It is also the reason why many people perpetually postpone this task; however, all that is needed is some perseverance and motivation along with these handy tips.

Clear The Clutter

The first step in getting organized is getting rid of everything that doesn’t have to be lying around. Anything that isn’t immediately useful or required can be relocated to somewhere out of the way. The same goes for broken or outdated equipment that is taking up valuable space.

It’s no use keeping something around on the off chance that it might become useful in the future. You’ll usually find that many duplicate or redundant items underneath all that clutter can be disposed; plenty of items can safely be tossed to free up space. By knowing what items can go, you can ensure a clutter-free work zone.

Start Sorting

After getting rid of everything that has no use, it is time to sort through what is left. Typically, everything will have a designated place, such cabinets or shelves for files and ledgers, or drawers for office stationery.

Sort through everything and then make sure that it is neatly packed away. For maximum efficiency, keep the things you use on a daily basis within reach. By ensuring that everything in your office has a designated storage area, you can prevent your desk from becoming the catchall.

Don’t Be Afraid To Re-Arrange

If you have to get up constantly in order to retrieve documents from a cabinet or drawer, it might be very tempting to leave everything lying on your desk for easy access. Instead, don’t be afraid to re-arrange your office in order to ensure that everything important is within easy reach.

This doesn’t mean that you should remain sitting in your office chair for the entire day though. By intentionally keeping some things out of reach, you can ensure that you must move around during the day, which is not only healthier, but can help to get the blood flowing and keep you productive.

Take Care Of The Cable Problem

Thanks to the digital age we live in, paperwork is not such a big deal as it used to be in the past; however, all the electronic equipment, such as computers, laptops, external hard drives and printers require electricity and usually have a whole mess of cables.Pin It

Leaving the cable problem unchecked is unsightly and can waste a lot of space. Taking the time to properly organize cables and keep them organized will solve this problem.

Stay Organized

Getting organized is great, but it’s no use if you slowly allow the clutter to creep back in and have to repeat the entire process again. As tempting as it may be to rush out of the office in order to try to beat the traffic, take the time to neatly pack everything away at the end of each day. This will make for a more pleasant and productive work environment the next day and will ensure that everything stays organized.

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