Cucumber Water: A Delicious, Nutritious And Natural Remedy For Shedding Excess Weight

If you are interested in raising your water intake as an easy, safe and natural way to lose weight, but you are also concerned about being able to stick with this regimen because plain water has no flavor, fruit-infused or vegetable-infused water is the perfect solution.

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Although you have the option of enhancing spring water with any number of nutrient-rich, plant-based foods, cucumbers are an especially good choice for targeting gradual weight reduction. Aim to drink between 32 and 64 ounces of cucumber water per day in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise routine, and you will be well on your way to your ideal figure.

Read on to discover 10 ways that cucumber water’s special composition promotes the shedding of excess pounds, and then explore five delicious recipes with which you can make your cucumber water even more effective as a dietary aid.

10 Ways In Which Cucumber-Infused Water Helps You To Lose Weight

1. Encourages Proper Digestion Of Food

Cucumbers are gentle on your digestive system, and their inclusion in a spring water-based beverage assists your stomach and intestines in breaking food down thoroughly. When your digestive system is functioning at maximum efficiency, weight loss and detoxification are naturally encouraged.

2. Satisfies Your Appetite And Staves Off Hunger

Replace calorie-laden snacks with a glass of cucumber water throughout the day, and you will find your weight dropping, not only because of an overall decrease in your daily caloric intake, but also because your appetite will be satisfied more easily. Cucumber water is filling and reduces your hunger levels so that you can avoid snacking in-between meals.

3. Allows Your Body To Flush Out Waste Effectively

Contrary to a semi-popular misconception among dieters, the more water you consume, the more water and waste material your body flushes out. Take advantage of water’s ability to cleanse your digestive system and cucumber’s capacity to keep your digestive organs functioning smoothly by combining these two ingredients into a health-enhancing drink.

4. Promotes Quick Water-Weight Loss Through Fat Cell Release

If you are looking to lose a few pounds quickly for a special event, help your body to release and burn fat cells more efficiently with cucumber water. Although water weight can easily return if you do not take the initiative to stay sufficiently hydrated, your body fat will decrease over time if you make cucumber water a permanent diet staple.

5. Aids In Making Your Workouts Productive And Safe

Cucumber water is great for your muscles in various ways, allowing you to engage in cardiovascular exercise and strength training for weight-loss purposes with a decreased risk of injury. The silica content in cucumbers boosts the health of your muscle tissues, while water keeps your muscles and joints nourished and flexible.

6. Elevates Your Mood For The Prevention Of Emotional Eating

One weight-loss friendly element of cucumber water may surprise you; this mixture can actually lift your mood, keeping your emotions at an even keel and preventing you from overeating when your brain chemistry is out of balance. This is due to the presence of fisetin, a flavonol that strengthens mental function, in cucumbers.

7. Eliminates Bloating From Salt Retention

Salt retention is an all-too-common culprit when you are carrying around a few extra pounds that just won’t seem to budge. Increasing your water intake helps to flush excess sodium from your body so that any bloating disappears. With its refreshing and enticing flavor, cucumber makes the process of drinking water to lower salt retention even better.

8. Keeps Your Body Hydrated So That It Can Burn Energy

When your body is well-hydrated, your cells receive the nutrients that they need to burn energy efficiently and help your body to shed fat more easily. Adequate hydration also ensures that your organs are able to detoxify your system. Cucumber functions as an extra burst of flavor that inspires you to drink infused water more often, thereby staying hydrated.

9. Combines The Natural Benefits Of Water With Nutrients Found In Cucumbers

Cucumbers themselves have a very high water content, which only enhances the ability of infused water to keep your weight in check. In addition, cucumbers are a wonderful resource for other nutrients that promote dietary health. They are high in fiber, which helps to make you feel full faster, and they also contain beneficial amounts of magnesium, potassium and vitamin B.

10. Mixes Well With Fruits And Herbs For A Refreshing, Low-Calorie Drink

Because cucumber is very mild in taste, it beautifully complements a vast array of other popular infused water ingredients. You do not need to worry about mixing up a concoction that tastes unpleasant when using cucumber as the main component in your recipe. As outlined below, cucumber water enriched with certain fruits and herbs is simple to make and great for your diet.

5 Tasty Cucumber Water Recipes To Get You In Shape

The base ingredients for the following recipes are two quarts of spring water and one scrubbed medium-sized cucumber. Cut the cucumber into half-inch wide slices; you can choose to leave the skin on the cucumber or remove it, according to your preferences. Place the cucumber slices into a large pitcher filled with the spring water, and then steep the concoction for an hour before serving it over ice.

1. Cucumber And Lemon

Lemon is great to add to cucumber water for weight loss purposes because it has antioxidant properties and increases your metabolism naturally. Add thin slices of half a lemon to the basic cucumber water recipe.

2. Cucumber And Lime

Slice half a lime into thin circles, and then integrate this vitamin C-rich fruit into your cucumber water for a recipe that soothes your stomach and aids with digestion.

3. Cucumber And Pineapple

Cucumber-pineapple water is ideal for enjoying after an exercise session, as pineapple brings vitamin B, vitamin C and manganese into the mix and replenishes your energy. Cut ½-cup of pineapple into chunks before adding it to the recipe.

4. Cucumber And Basil

Enjoy cucumber water with a zesty herbal flavor by adding basil, which serves as a natural appetite suppressant, into your standard recipe. A powerful antioxidant, basil can be easily integrated into your cucumber lemon water – a few leaves go a long way.

5. Cucumber And MintPin It

In addition to giving your cucumber water an invigorating, breath-freshening taste, mint leaves encourage weight loss by calming your digestive organs so that bloating and waste build-up does not occur. Fortify cucumber-infused water with five to eight mint leaves for optimal benefits.

Feel free to experiment with cucumber water recipes by combining the fruits and herbs listed above for nutrient-packed, diet-friendly refreshment. You can also try cucumber water drinks infused with other fruits and herbs, such as strawberries, blueberries, cinnamon and ginger, to boost your metabolism and get a healthy dose of antioxidants.

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