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Video: What Happens When Couples Describe Each Other To A Police Sketch Artist

In a recent experiment by Distractify couples were asked to describe each other to a police sketch artist who then made a portrait according to the instructions.

The video is definitely very entertaining and the results are hilarious.

The biggest struggle for women was to describe their boyfriends’ facial hair. Some of the descriptions actually were “it’s a goatee, but with a beard connected to the goatee” and ‘his eyebrows are like a ferret across his forehead”.

Of course, guys didn’t do much better. Probably describing your girlfriend as “not too alienish… kinda sweet-looking but underlying evil and anger” is not the best way. And altogether forgetting that your girlfriend has a piercing isn’t either.

No wonder some of the portraits ended up looking like this:



Pin ItBut luckily all the couples saw the humor in the situation and it there were no break ups. Maybe because this experiment also has a serious side. Apart from illustrating how differently men and women think it also proves that after you’ve known someone for a while you stop noticing their looks.

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