Change Your Words And You Can Change Your Life

Life is about choices. But it’s your internal programming that determines the choices you routinely make.

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If you don’t change the programming, the choices won’t change and you need to change your choices to change her life. If you’re jazzed about where you are and you’re living the life you always wanted, then keep doing what you’re doing. This article is meant for the other 99% of us who yearn for more.

Changing your programming requires being vigilant and attentive to the choices you’re making. You’ve got to stop yourself in your tracks and examine your default choices. What you want to do is notice the thinking behind the choice.

If you want to manifest a great life, it’s going to require change. For example, you’ll probably need a system for becoming more productive. Improved productivity can change your life, but you must be willing to roll up your sleeves, get into the trenches and find out what it takes to get the job done. And that’s not all. You need to be willing to do it again and again.

Everything is a matter of choice. Good choices equal good results. Mediocre choices produce mediocre results. And bad choices give you bad results. Your life is represented by a horizontal line. To the left was your birthday and to the extreme right is when you die. In between birth and death is your life and it’s here where you make hundreds of thousands of choices – each making an impact to a varying degree. For every choice you make there is a result connected to that choice. It’s a cause-and-effect relationship.

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"It's so powerful because it's already ingrained in each and every one of us.”
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So why does anyone make bad choices? They do so because they don’t know any better. They don’t have the education, or the information. They are quite simply, uninformed. The other reason for making bad choices is sheer stupidity. Being stupid is when you know better… when you know what the results are going to be and you still make a dumb choice. Stupid is as stupid does.

You need to define your intended results in order to decide what choices you need to make. Before you start making choices, define the outcome. What is the result you want out of this deal? Is it better health, improved relationships, more business, or a larger income? What’s the result you ultimately would prefer? Get clear on this outcome and make that result your destination. When you know where you’re going, it’s easy to make the choices that will get you there.

Don’t confuse activity with productivity. It’s easy to be busy scurrying about doing things that have little or no impact on your result. That’s not productivity — it’s dizziness. If you’re not doing the activity that drives results, you cannot get to the desired outcome. It’s really that simple. But so many of us get sidetracked.

What results did you start with? The whole secret is to start with the results and then work your way back. Reverse-engineer your way to success. Are you setting goals or choosing results? This is the key that most people completely miss. The secret is found in the different meaning of words. We have been conditioned to set goals for decades. The issue about setting goals is that they don’t work — at least most of the time.

The reason goals don’t work is that a goal by definition is something to reach for, to strive for. Yet it’s something we’ve all been doing for most of our lives. Does this sound familiar? The problem with this antiquated way of thinking is that most of us who use it haven’t really accomplished meaningful goals in their lives.

Free Report And Meditation For Increasing Happiness
Activate Your Happy Mind And Start Living A Life You Love
"It's so powerful because it's already ingrained in each and every one of us.”
- Cheryl Silberman

What if you chose to think of a goal as a result instead? In other words, you choose the result you want to create and then you set it to create it. What’s the difference between something to reach for (a goal) or something accomplished (a result)? A goal remains as a possible outcome only. But a result is a done deal. It’s over. It’s the selected outcome and it’s been carved in stone. The result had already been manifested mentally before comes to fruition. It is created mentally before it is realized physically.

It’s kind of nice to have goals and meanings and intentions. But unless you’re the exception, that doesn’t really get you far in life. Choose a result instead and you come from a clear, specific perspective. You will have it done in your mind, completed as an accomplishment. Lock into that vision and see yourself in the future. Then set out to create it from the perspective of already having built the mold.Pin It

Words are important because the mind interprets words differently. When you say “goal” the mind hears “reach for”. But when you say completed “result” the mind sees it as a fact. Get the final result clear in your mind and you’ll find yourself contemplating what you need to do in order to accomplish this outcome. Before you get to the tactics – lock in the image. There’s power in being specific and clear about what you will accomplish before you get started.

Pay attention to how your mind responds. This is simple and basic and probably why most personal development teachers haven’t caught on to it. But changing the words is huge. Try it in your life and you’ll see changes happen.

You are today at the point that you’re thinking has brought you to. If you’re going to change who you’re going to be, then your thinking has got to change too. *Check out my free happiness report – I know you will find it valuable.

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