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The Best Foods To Ditch If You Want A Better Sex Life

Typically, when it comes to tips for a better sex life, we are used to seeing a list of things that has to be done. Everything from better foreplay and exercising to building a better body image or even adding a few thrills.

However, it is not just what we do, or don’t do, in bed that can impact performance in the bedroom, but also the food that we eat. Foods like avocados, almonds, figs, and yes, even oysters all have known benefits, but some food should also be avoided. Too much of anything is obviously not good for the libido, but the following foods are best left alone by anyone who values their sex drive.


Alcohol is frequently recommended for anyone in need of a little liquid courage before a night of passion, but it is not always a good idea. While it is true that being under the influence of alcohol can help someone to feel more sexual, it actually puts a damper on sexual performance.

Because of the time needed by the liver to break down alcohol the toxins can build up and affect the organs, including the ones required for sex. Since alcohol also dehydrates the body, it can lead to problems with achieving an erection and issues with lubrication. This is because dehydration causes a rise in angiotensin, which is the hormone associated with erectile dysfunction. Dehydration also leads to headaches, fatigue and vaginal dryness, none of which are desirable during sex.


Coffee is great for an energy boost, but unfortunately over-indulging in this caffeinated beverage can negatively impact bedroom performance. Staying within the limits won’t cause any problems, but once coffee consumption reaches more than five cups a day the adrenal glands start to become over-stimulated. When this happens the body and brain is flooded with stress hormones, which impacts the libido as well as performance. In addition, the caffeine causes more anxiety and a lower sex drive.

French Fries

French Fries are delicious, but also pile on the pounds, cause bloating and result in feeling sluggish, which are all surefire ways to kill the libido. This can be even worse when the fries are cooked in bad oil. The biggest reason to avoid French fries is because, like all fried foods, they are packed with sex drive-killing trans fats. Due to the high glycemic index of French fries the initial energy rush they provide also wears off very quickly, causing a slump afterwards.


It might come as a surprise, but tofu is another dish best avoided before a romantic evening with a loved one. This is because it, like all soy products, contains phytoestrogens, which can lead to a decrease in testosterone levels when consumed in high quantities.

Hot-dogs And Hamburgers

They might be fast food, but hot-dogs and hamburgers are also a quick way to kill the libido. There are a couple of good reasons for giving these foods a wide berth. Firstly, these foods are often composed of meat with a lower grade and higher chemical content and secondly, they also increase the rates of inflammation in the body. Since this messes with hormones, it is not very conducive to a healthy sex life. In addition, the high saturated fat content also leads to clogging of the arteries.

Canned Food

Opting for canned food when there is no time to prepare a healthy dinner is tempting, but ultimately not very good for your sex drive. Since all canned foods have a very high sodium content you are often left feeling gassy afterwards. This is due to the salt causing your body to retain fluid.

Ice Cream

Due to the sugars and artificial sweeteners found in ice-cream it is probably better to avoid this tasty dessert after a romantic dinner. Frozen yogurt is a slightly better option if you want to avoid the libido-killing fatigue and migraines that can be caused by ice-cream.


Minty fresh breath might sound like a good idea when it is time for some romance, but surprisingly enough can also cause problems in the bedroom. This is due to the menthol in mint, which actually lowers testosterone and can lead to a lower sex drive.


Pasta is another food that can lead to problems in the bedroom if care is not taken. Eating too much pasta causes the body to convert it into glucose, which is stored as fat unless you are very active. This in turn leads to bloating and fatigue, which will put a damper on any romance.


Chocolate is another treat that is frequently cited as an aphrodisiac, but over-indulging also leads to suppressed levels of testosterone. Unsurprisingly, low testosterone can decrease sex drive and also cause erectile dysfunction.


Cheese can be another testosterone killer. In addition to being filled with synthetic hormones, if made from cow’s milk, cheese can also lead to increased mucus production, which is decidedly unsexy. The synthetic hormones can also cause an imbalance in the natural sex hormones of the body, such as testosterone, progesterone and estrogen.


This one is self-explanatory, but typically doesn’t affect everyone in the same way. Some people feel re-energized after a meal of beans, but those who feel sluggish and bloated should best avoid it. Beans can also lead to an increase in flatulence, which is another surefire way to kill the mood.

Microwave Popcorn

A romantic evening at home with a movie and some microwave popcorn might sound like a great prelude to a night of passion, but unfortunately it’s not a good idea. Microwave popcorn comes with the double whammy of bags that are coated in perfluorooctane sulfonic acid, which affect fertility and the presence of unhealthy trans fats. Some brands are better than others, but for the sake of your sex life this snack is best avoided.

Red Meat

Red meat does have some benefits when consumed in moderation as it packs plenty of zinc and protein, but watch out for eating too much. Since some red meats contain antibiotics or added hormones they can wreak havoc with the natural hormones in our bodies if consumed in excess.


Although seemingly harmless, licorice contains phytoestrogens. This means that consuming too much licorice can influence the testosterone levels in your body and decrease sexual desire.

Snack FoodPin It

There is nothing wrong with the occasional sweet treat, but it is possible to end up with a lower sex drive as a result of getting carried away. Since excess sugar can cause a spike in glucose levels and a corresponding dip in your libido, it is best to steer clear of too much unhealthy snack food.


Soda has long been associated with numerous health issues, so it is no surprise that these unhealthy drinks are bad for the libido as well. Some sodas even contain brominated vegetable oil, which is linked to decreased libido and even impotence.

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By Dr. Michael Richardson
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