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Aroma And Sound: My 5 Scents

Sound therapy and aromatherapy are stress-reducing juggernauts on their own.
But together, they can make your problems melt away faster than an ice cream cone in the Arizona sun!

I love burning oil or candles whenever I’m about to have a lengthy sound session. Lovely scents and relaxing sounds are an unbeatable combination that can make you feel warm and happy all over.

Different scents and sound combinations can achieve different results. I’ve found that citrus scents are better for boosting my energy, while floral scents are more relaxing. You might find a different combination that works for you, but that’s the point! Experiment with scents alongside your sound therapy to see what works best.

Here are some of my favorite scents from some of my previous sound therapy sessions for you to try.

Japanese Cherry Blossom

The scent of cherry blossoms is one of the most well-loved fragrances around the world. It’s a light, clean scent, that isn’t overpowering. Be it in candle or oil form, Japanese cherry blossom is an ideal fragrance to use for calming yourself.

I enjoy playing forest and nature sounds when I’m using this scent. It makes you feel like you’re outdoors in the peace of nature. When I hear the soft sounds of nature and smell those beautiful cherry blossoms, I can feel my shoulder muscles start to relax. It’s a perfect way to end the day.


A rare scent to come by, but well worth looking for, sandalwood has become increasingly scarce in recent years, with oil prices trending higher as demand for it remains strong. This woodsy scent is empowering. It gives me a feeling of strength I can’t find in most other fragrances.

I like to pair the scent of sandalwood with the sound of thunder. I imagine I’m a tree, standing tall in a mighty forest as the thunder and rain sound all around me. It’s a great way to energize myself whenever I’m feeling a little sluggish.


I absolutely adore lemongrass! To me, lemongrass is the scent of sunshine. Every time I smell it, I imagine I am walking around a field on a warm, sunny day.

This is the perfect scent to pair with the sound of wind. You can just feel yourself swaying back and forth in the wind as you breathe in and out. Not only does the sound help reduce any stress I have, but the scent of lemongrass gives me a ton of energy. It’s a perfect pick me up!

Clean Linen

A suburban-made scent and a lovely one at that, because who doesn’t love the smell of clean clothes? There are a lot of candles and incense made to mimic this scent, so you don’t have to do a load of laundry every time you want to unwind.

I love to listen to jazz whenever I’m feeling a little blue. Putting on a little music, closing my eyes and burning a linen-scented candle is a nice little escape for me. Maybe I don’t do such a good job keeping my house clean, but the sound of jazz helps ferry me off to a world where everything is chill.

Fresh Coffee

This is my all-time favorite scent out of all of them. The smell of fresh coffee is readily available in virtually every kitchen. Few things can get us going quite like the scent of a cup of coffee. The first thing I do every morning is turn on the coffee maker and play my favorite tape of ocean sounds.

Pin ItI like to close my eyes and imagine I’m drinking my coffee on a rocky beach, with the waves crashing around me each time I take a sip. It’s a calm and relaxing way to start to my day. I take mine black with two sugars, but you can add a little cream if you like.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with aromatherapy when doing your sound therapy sessions. Fragrances can help with immersion and take your sound sessions to places that you couldn’t reach just from simple listening alone. Sound therapy can benefit from all of your senses, not just your hearing. Get creative, and change it up a little bit to find the perfect combination of sound and scent for you.

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