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All Aboard! 7 Reasons Why Your Body Is Your Vessel And Your Mind Is The Captain

Imagine your body is a vessel and your mind is the captain. Your destination is an island that when you reach, you will experience Nirvana, bliss, and one big PARTY! Because you actually achieved one or more of your dream life targets…

Imagine the crew of the ship is every single cell in your body and are like people just like you. If your crew are healthy, happy and harmonious you are much more likely to reach your destination safely, than if they are sick and unhappy with low morale.

Your vessel won’t go anywhere with a half dead crew, and there won’t be much of a party if you do ever reach the island. So you have to make sure your crew have plenty of the following 7 things.

1. Good, Nutritious, Healthy Food & Water

Imagine putting diesel in a petrol engine. Your car would just spit and chug, and probably break down. This is what people are doing every single day, putting the wrong fuel into our highly sophisticated, super genius bio engines!

Your body loves whole foods containing an abundance of essential oils, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. What your body hates is dead, processed factory foods, high in refined carbs and low in quality protein. So make your crew strong and happy by feeding them good nutritious food.

2. Air

Oxygen happens to be one of the most vital ingredients necessary to keep us alive. Shallow breathing leads to stress. By learning deep breathing techniques like Pranayama you can boost your wellness free of charge.

3. A Clean And Hygienic Environment

They say the state of your environment is a reflection of your state of mind. Having good hygiene and a tidy environment will bring you a sense of order, peace and less risk of getting sick.

4. Exercise For Fitness And Stamina

Did you know your lymphatic system, the part of your body that removes toxic waste has no pump unlike your cardiovascular system, that has your heart. The only way to get your lymph moving is through exercise and movement.

So if you are in a job or business that requires lots of sitting, make sure you get up, stretch and move at least for a few minutes every hour. Studies have shown that the very best form of exercise for your overall wellness is called high intensity interval training, and combined with some simple yoga routines you can fit quality exercise into 20 minutes a day or less.

5. Time For Entertainment And Reflection To Keep The Morale High

Laughing, having fun and doing anything that you really love to do boost your endorphins levels. This gives you a natural lift to your immune system, and can even make you live longer.

Any form of self reflection like meditation is a way to give your brain a de-frag and clear the clutter of your thought files. This can give you better concentration, less anxiety and improved mind power.

6. Restorative Sleep

No one exactly understands the phases of sleep, or how sleep works to restore us. We just know that we need it to survive.  Individuals who consistently lack the Rapid Eye Movement, (REM) cycle in their sleep pattern can run the risk of falls, injuries, car accidents, as well as physical and mental health problems. Lack of REM sleep can have a detrimental effect on concentration, motor skills and memory.

Sleep deprivation can affect the immune system and the nervous system. This is all because the body is not given a chance to reach the state of deep restorative healing it needs on a nightly basis. Let your crew have time to rest and recuperate for a safe and pleasant journey.

7. The Right Training And Education To Reach Your Destination Safely, Happily And Healthily

Would you trust the captain of a ship to reach your destination safely if they were not properly trained?  We come into this world with a highly intelligent and sophisticated super bio-computer called our brains!

Pin ItBut your very best thinking is what has got you to where you are today, and if you want to get ahead and reach your dream life targets, you MUST learn from the right people. Its been proven time and time again that if you want to be successful at something, model those who are already successful and you will get the same results or even better!

My challenge for you now is to reach your island!

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By Niraj Naik
Niraj Naik, a ‘renegade’ pharmacist, healed himself from a chronic illness without medication, and has pioneered peak performance and self healing techniques that have helped millions.

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