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Video: A Mathematical Solution To The Problems In Your Love Life

Many think of love as being all about mysterious forces beyond our control, either believing that we are subject to the whims of luck or guided by the hand of fate. The surprising truth is that love may be more of a precise, mathematical subject matter than we intuitively suppose.

In this TEDx talk, mathematician and complexity scientist Dr. Hannah Fry explores how her research relates to fascinating, measurable patterns in human behavior. While she’s interested in working on a wide range of behaviors, she focuses here on how mathematics relates to love.

She generously shares “top tips” on how you can use her lessons to enhance your own love life. For example, have you ever wondered how you can start using online dating sites more effectively, or worried that you’re not employing the right strategies in your search for a “perfect partner”? Dr. Fry has all that covered, and even has words of wisdom when it comes to avoiding divorce.

Pin ItFurther, this smart and useful discussion of the interplay between maths and love just might give you pause to reconsider the popular assumption that maths is a dry, abstract subject that is only worth pursuing if you think of yourself as a stereotypical nerd.

In fact, as Dr. Fry shows, mathematics is an incredibly powerful tool that has practical applications—applications that can often make our lives happier, more interesting, more productive and more fun.

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