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9 Simple Tips To Get You Meditating

Meditation has changed my life more than anything else. More than becoming a mom. More than getting my degrees. More than giving up alcohol. It’s done more than change my life. It saved it.

Back in 2007, when my psychologist gave the suggestion that I begin meditating, I felt like either laughing or walking out of his office. I wanted to laugh because this was a ridiculous suggestion. I had no idea what meditation was or how to do it, and it certainly wasn’t a common practice where I lived.

I wanted to walk out because I wondered if, after years of weekly sessions, he’d truly gotten to know me. I wasn’t a saint, a monk or a nun – I was a mess. I wasn’t a person worthy of something as sacred as meditation. However, I stayed in my seat, and after a few moments of, ironically – silence, I asked some questions. He explained how he went outside to sit on the grass for his lunch breaks, and after eating he sat breathing.

Even though it sounded a bit odd, I was intrigued. I was also desperate for anything to bring me some peace. My mind and emotions were typically like a dog in a room of squirrels – running from one thought or emotion to another, always chasing something. What I’ve received from meditation has surpassed peace. It’s given me presence in life, healing, hope, guidance, and confidence. It is the foundation of how I live a peaceful, happy life.

Before I share my simple tips, I want to explain the biggest gift from making meditation a part of my morning routine. Yes, I’ve created a more peaceful mind of thoughts and emotions, but it’s much more than that. I’ve become me. I suppose become isn’t the right word, because the true me was always there. I just uncovered her from years of gunk.

Uncovering her didn’t immediately make my life magic, but it was a huge first step. Uncovering the real me has made me a better person in every way: as an individual, a woman, a mom, a friend, a daughter, a sister and a life coach. I finally love who I am because I now recognize the real me when I look in the mirror or listen to my own thoughts (and I like her – a lot).

“The thing about meditation is you become more and more you.” ~ David Lynch

These 9 Simple Tips Will Get You Started With a Meditation Practice:

1.Let Go Of Any Rules. If you’ve heard of any rules for meditating correctly, throw them out the window. Rules will make you think there’s a right way, and there isn’t. Your way will become your right way.

2.Let Go Of Any Expectations. If you think the heavens will part or you’ll receive all the answers to life or that you’ll be relieved of all bad feelings, throw those expectations right out the window, too. Go into meditation only expecting to know yourself better. That alone will bring you gifts galore.

3.Sit Comfortably. That’s it. Just be comfy. That might be with legs crossed, full or half lotus, legs outstretched, in a chair with your feet on the ground or on a cushion. Find a comfy position and sit.

4.Sit Anywhere. Sit in your living room, the stall of a bathroom at work, the middle of a subway station, on a blanket in a neighborhood park – anywhere. You can even sit while standing in line at the grocery store.

5.Sit At Any Time. Sit at 6:11am or noon or 10:23 p.m. or the middle of the night. Sit at any time when you’re feeling like a dog in a room of squirrels. Sit to find that calm center within you because it’s always there.

6.Relax. As soon as you sit, relax your entire body as much as you can. Especially pay attention to your shoulders, jaw, neck and hands.

7.Pay Attention To Your Breath. Turn all your attention to how your body is inhaling and exhaling. Don’t try to change it, simply notice it.Pin It

8.Allow Your Thoughts. The biggest reason people don’t stick with meditating is they get frustrated by their constant thinking. Do not fall for this! You’re human – you’re bound to be having thoughts every moment. Just notice them. Allow them. Learn from them. Don’t try to stop your thoughts or expect a silent mind.

9.Commit. Make a promise to yourself to sit each day for a minimum of three minutes. That’s about how long you spend committed to brushing your teeth everyday. You can do this!

You can learn a lot more about meditation to make it even more purposeful and powerful for your life, but this is a perfect starting point.

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By Shannon Elhart
Shannon Elhart has a Master's degree in Counseling and Psychology. She is a certified life coach, author and speaker. She is also a Reiki master. She helps women to live a stress free peaceful and happy life through mindfulness practices. Shannon believes that there is a lot to be done to bring peace across the earth, but if people open their hearts it is possible.

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