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8 Reasons Why You Should Become A Risk Taker

We often avoid taking risks in life because it is easier and more comfortable to play it safe. Always taking the proven route will mean there is less chance of failure or embarrassment, but it also often means missing out on opportunities.

However, being a risk taker doesn’t mean you have to constantly put everything on the line or put your life in danger. In most cases risk only means uncertainty and not danger. It also involves taking the option that doesn’t guarantee success, but offers greater rewards.

Often, when we think back to the best experiences we had in life there was also an element of risk involved. Living on your own for the first time, buying your first car, or even falling in love are just a few things that would not happen without taking a risk. Here are some reasons why becoming a risk taker can turn your life around.

1.    It Helps You To Stand Out And Show Your Confidence

It takes courage and determination to take risks, as it will make you stand out from everyone else who is simply following the crowds. However, standing out is not a bad thing, as it will often get you noticed by those who are important.

It proves to them that you are not merely a follower, but have leadership capabilities as well. It will prove to them and yourself that you have the confidence to take a few risks. This can be very useful at work because getting noticed not only makes you more memorable to those in charge, but also important clients.

2.    It Opens Doors To New Opportunities

There are many opportunities available to those who are willing to take the risk, but these are often not even noticeable by people who are used to playing it safe. Taking risks often also involves learning new skills, which is something you might not have been compelled to do without the drive to succeed.

3.    It Is Helpful For Overcoming A Fear Of Failure

Fear of failure is one of the things that holds people back the most from taking risks. This also often means losing out on the subsequent rewards. Taking more risks could potentially lead to experiencing more failures, but it will also teach you that it is not necessarily the opposite of success.

Discovering that failure can lead you to success and not away from it, you will soon be able to overcome this fear and focus on what you gain from the experience.

4.    It Often Means You’ll Have Fewer Regrets

With every risk you take there is obviously a chance for failure, but not even trying can sometimes be worse. Anyone who has ever passed up a big opportunity because it seemed too risky will know the lingering feeling of regret experienced afterwards.

One of the most common regrets that people have at the end of their lives is not stepping out of their comfort zones, taking a few risks and experiencing everything life has to offer.

Not all risks have favorable outcomes, but not taking them means you will never know what could have been. Sometimes not even trying has the same outcome as failing, so why not take the risk.

5.    It Allows You To Learn And Grow

One of the best ways to gain new knowledge and grow as a person is through experience. Even if the outcome of taking a risk is not what you wanted or expected, you still get to learn from the experience and discover what you could have done differently.

Never taking any risks means you’ll never be able to fully learn about your true potential and will make it harder to cope with obstacles you cannot avoid. It is nice to stay in your comfort zone, but you have to realize that it doesn’t allow much room for growth.

You’ll find that the best lessons in life are to be found just outside that comfort zone. Also, succeeding comes with the immense personal satisfaction of knowing you beat the odds.

6.    It Paves The Way For Change

Following the same proven methods or procedures usually means stability, but it can also cause stagnation. Without taking any risks it is very easy to simply get stuck in a rut and continue doing things the same way because you know it will work.

Any type of change comes with an element of risk, but without it the change will never occur. Of course, there is always the risk of failure when trying something new, but even this can provide you with valuable insights that can make it worthwhile. You will also find that it is easier to gain momentum and make bigger changes once you get used to taking more risks.

7.    It Often Results In Bigger Rewards

Just think of all the products or services that would not exist today if it wasn’t for the fact that a few entrepreneurs were willing to take a few risks. Very few big rewards come from playing it safe, so you are going to have to take the road less traveled for the biggest success. Unlike taking the easy option, nothing is guaranteed when taking risks, but the rewards are often far greater.

8.    It Pushes You To Have Higher Standards

Because of the greater rewards that taking risks can offer, it means that it will push you to raise your standards. Instead of simply being satisfied with something that is good enough, you will strive for a higher standard. This is not only beneficial for your career, but also any company, as there will be a continued drive for excellence.

Not All Risks Are Equal

While taking more risks can be beneficial it doesn’t mean you have to take the risky option every time or do things on the spur of the moment. There is a difference between being a risk taker and simply being reckless or careless.

It is still important to compare the pros and cons of whatever risk you are facing and then decide if it is worth it. If you are risk-averse there is no reason to jump in and immediately take life changing risks either. Instead, start small and work yourself up to the bigger stuff.

Pin ItAlso bear in mind that sometimes not taking a risk can be just as risky. If you are feeling uncertain, make a list of all the best possible outcomes of taking a risk as well as what the worst case scenarios are, and then compare the two.

This will allow you to gain a better perspective on things, as fear can often distort our thinking. Instead of fearing risks, let them motivate you. There will always be excuses for not doing something, so don’t use these as a justification for not trying. Look at the opportunities and experience that they offer instead of only focusing on the chance of failing.

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