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8 Best Push Up Routines For Beginners

If you are a beginner to novice making your first pushup exercise, it might well scare you. In the beginning, when I started my push up exercise routine, I also experienced many difficulties as well. Hey, don’t get scared! Here, in this article, I will give you a few instructions on how to start a best push up routine. It will help you to quickly overcome the hurdles that you will face at the beginning of the exercise.

Why Pushups For Beginners Are Necessary?

A push-up exercise is considered as one of the best types of military exercise which causes to foster chest, arm, and shoulder muscles. This exercise is very beneficial for all beginners because it’s a combination exercise, which is good for the cardiovascular and upper body muscle strength. These pushups are also helpful in controlling the weight of the body. The increased heart rate would burn the extra calories resultantly, which results in weight loss. It is not difficult at all, rather, they are very handy to do in a short time period. They are low – and fast-paced depending on the energy and time of the person. Even, the people who have used inversion table are more familiar with multiple facets of other easy exercises.

Here are my 8 best push up routines for all the beginners:

1. Counter Push Up

This kind of push up exercise requires a counter that is placed in front at chest level. By keeping the hands on the counter, keep your body straight and inclined at a suitable angle to perform this push-up. Keep your arms and body straight. These pushups must be done in at least 3 sets for about 15 minutes. This exercise is beneficial for strengthening the shoulder muscles.

2.  Knee Push Up

The Knee push up exercise is to relax the core muscles by exerting a stress on the upper body. In order to do this kind of push up, the person has to lie down on the ground with arms on side’s perpendicular to the body. The hips should be kept down and body must be straight. By bending the knees and keeping them cross to the body, push the body up and down and repeat it multiple times. In order to reap the desired output, repeat this exercise for 15-20 minutes of a minimum in 3 sets.

3. Drop Push Up

After having the complete grasp on the above two pushups, drop push up exercise is beneficial for chest and shoulder muscles. This kind of push up requires sitting on the back, bent knees and then lying down slowly with flat palms on the ground. Start pushing up and down with tightly crunched abs and immobile legs. Repeat the exercise till 15 times for best results.

4. Full Push Up

To toughen the chest, shoulders and arms, the full push-up would be the right choice. This exercise requires the person sitting down making a plank of the body by keeping it straight without an arc. By keeping the lower body straight and hands perpendicular, this push up would be beneficial for the person. Body postures must be aligned accurately to avoid any injury or cramping on the body. The push-up routines can be changed periodically in order to get more intensified results.

5. Wide Grip Push Up

To perform this exercise smartly and efficiently, the person has to place the palm at a distance from each other. The upper frame may touch the floor. It tightens the shoulders and arm. Repeat this exercise in 3 sets.

6. Narrow Grip Push Up

This exercise is constructive for chest and triceps muscles. In this exercise, keep your body straight and do all pushups on the arms by keeping other body parts straight and tight. The palms are placed close to each other during the exercise. Try not to arch the hips. Keep the abdomen tight with silent breath. For better results, repeat this exercise in multiple sets.

7.  Single Leg Push Up

This exercise is handy for lowering the abdomen and arms muscles. In this exercise, the body must be in the normal push up position with one leg crossing the other without bendingPin It the knees and straightening the legs. This would fortify the abdomen muscles to carry out the extra load. During this exercise, it must be considered that all the load of your body would be in the abdomen.

8. Elevated Feet Push Up

This is a marvelous exercise for the arms, shoulders and chests muscles. It has become a compelling source for burning fats. This exercise requires the feet to be placed at some elevated place. To intensify the exercise, the elevation would increase, which will lead to burn up more fats.

Stop wishing and start doing!

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