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7 Ways To Shop For The Best Deal On Gym Memberships

Knowing that a good workout can help you both physically and mentally is enough to get you out of the house and ready for some exercise, but finding a place to work your muscles and get your heart rate going can be harder than the actual workout itself! Thankfully, many gyms offer deals, low rates and other incentives to get you through the door.

Take advantage of everything the gyms around you have to offer by keeping the following tips in mind when shopping for the best deal on a gym membership.

1. Ask For What You Want

This is the best tip you can get for almost every situation you find yourself in, including shopping for a deal on a gym membership. You can’t always get what you want, but it never hurts to ask. Meet with a member of the sales team from different gyms in your area and ask all the questions you have. Make a list of the questions and take notes at your meeting so you can compare the answers from gym to gym to find the best deal out there.

Of course, you can find most information on a gym’s website these days, but sometimes sales teams have the early word on deals and rates or will be able to offer you something you wanted at a discounted rate. For example, if you were hoping they offered yoga classes included in the monthly membership price but the classes must be paid separately, the sales team might offer a solution such as discounted yoga classes if you bring a friend along.

2. Bring A Buddy

Many companies have a referral system in place. This means that anybody you refer to the gym will get certain perks, such as a discounted rate on their membership or free classes. These types of rates and deals are not always advertised, so you should ask what the policy of each gym entails. Bringing a buddy with you is not only good for saving money; it can also help keep you motivated to go to the gym! It can be fun to attend classes together.

There are often physical trainers on gym floors who offer sessions to advise members on workouts that will help them meet their fitness goals. You can often save money by doing a session together with a friend who has similar goals to yours.

3. Check Out Smaller Gyms In The Area

There are several name-brand gyms that are large chains and have clubs all over. You will probably have heard of these through television ads or family or friends who are members. Those types have their advantages, but there are also benefits to working out in a smaller gym. Smaller gyms are those that might not necessarily be a chain and are usually privately owned. They often have better prices than the chains and are more flexible with their pricing and payment plans.

Large gyms often offer flexi-passes so you can visit any branch of the gym in the area, but since smaller gyms are usually the only ones of their type, they will often come at better rates. Again, check with the gym staff to see what they offer for the type of gym membership you are looking for.

4. Double-Check Your Company’s Deals

You might not realize it, but the company you work for could actually have its own gym deals! Ask your boss or human resources department what types of perks are available to help with health, such as gym memberships. If there aren’t any, you can always check if there are enough people from the company that want to utilize a certain gym in the area and request a group discount from the gym. You would be surprised by how well a gym sales team will work with a group to ensure everyone is happy and enjoying the benefits of the gym.

You could also check your health insurance company, or shop around for a new one. Sometimes you can get discounted gym membership by being part of a certain health insurance company, or you might be able to snag a discount on certain types of health insurance by being part of a gym.

5. See What Else They Have To Offer

The great thing about gyms these days is that they have become more and more likely to be a hybrid with other services like childcare or a salon. These added benefits might be worth the membership fee if you are utilizing these parts of the gym, too. Childcare at the gym can either be included in your membership or charged at an hourly rate. It’s an extra bonus when your child is getting some physical fitness in with other like-minded kids while you work out.

Instead of having to pay a gym membership for you and an extracurricular activity, it would all be included in the membership! On the other hand, if the gym offers include childcare, swimming, and salon or spa amenities and you don’t plan to use them, ask if you can get a discount for not participating in these parts of the gym.

6. Use Your Resources

Remember that you have resources at your fingertips in the form of the people you know! Ask your friends and family members what gym they use and what type of deal they have, and add this information to your research. If you find a friend who has a great deal from a gym that they received a long time ago and it does not exist anymore, ask the gym about that deal anyway. If you learn nothing else from these tips, learn that you need to ask for what you want to have any chance of getting it!

7-Ways-To-Shop-For-The-Best-Deal-On-Gym-Memberships-pinMost sales teams will be willing to work with you and your budget to help you get a membership with them. Some friends or family members might even have their own find-a-buddy discounts through their gyms or have a few free passes so you can try out a gym!

7. Try It Out

The best thing to do during your research is to take up the offers you get for a free trial. This is the best way you will find a gym that is worth your hard-earned money. It will also help you narrow down the choices to just a few gyms. Many gyms offer a free week or at least a free day so you can see the facilities. Ask for a tour and ask to shadow one of the classes if they appeal to you. Remember that they want your business and will be happy to learn more about what you want out of your gym membership.

After your trial, you will often be asked to sign up for an even better rate than you were previously offered!

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By Shauna Walker
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