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7 Ways To Maintaining A Long-Distance Relationship

As many as 14 million people in the United States said that they considered themselves to be in a long-distance relationship. However, although these types of partnerships are becoming more and more common, they come with a unique set of challenges.

For example, you can’t go on an impulsive dinner date to a wonderful restaurant, and time zone differences can lead to a couple feeling quite disconnected. The good news is that in spite of the hardships, long-distance relationships can and do succeed. The trick is to learn new ways to keep the romantic spark alive across the miles.

Here are seven methods you can employ.

1) Order Gifts

Whether your anniversary is coming up or you just want to organize a lovely surprise, there are many different gifts that you can arrange to be delivered to your partner’s home. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of flowers paired with a heartfelt message on a card, and a hamper of delicious treats is also a meaningful gesture.

2) Have Regular Video Chat Dates

While you can’t smell your lover’s perfume or hold their hand across the table when you’re on Skype, video chatting does provide a sense of closeness that is often absent on the phone. Seeing your partner’s mannerisms and remembering the precise curve of their smile can help to satisfy your craving for their company and help you to forget the distance for a moment. However, make sure that you have plenty of space and privacy during these online dates, and schedule them for a time when you can both relax.

3) Send Packages

Although certain perishable items (like food and flowers) can only be ordered for delivery when you’re in a long-distance relationship, other things can be sent in the post and most people find it more meaningful to receive something mailed directly from their partner’s home city. One of the nicest things you can do is to include a mix of fun and romantic things in your package. Good examples include a handwritten letter, a great novel you have read in recent weeks, a selection of locally made chocolates or a piece of jewelry.

4) Plan For The Future

It is undeniably painful and difficult to be apart from the one you love, but making plans for your reunion is one of the best ways to sustain intimacy and boost optimism. Whenever you can, strategize about dates and places, and once you’ve decided when you’ll be able to see each other again then you can turn your attention to what you plan to do when you meet. Look at exciting dates you can organize, swap photographs of places you want to visit, investigate potential vacations or road trips, and generally encourage each other to focus on the fact that you will be together again.

5) Keep Each Other In The Loop

When you’re not together in person, it is easy to fall out of touch with the more mundane and everyday aspects of your respective lives. However, it is knowing all of the little things that will help to keep you close, so try to make the time to paint a picture of your everyday life. Tell your partner about what’s going on at work, swap anecdotes about friends or family, and make a real effort to help your partner imagine the details of where you are. This type of activity boosts closeness, and feelings of closeness help to keep romance alive.

6) Swap Photographs As Often As You Can

test-01Some long-distance couples like to swap pictures of themselves every single day, sharing the day’s outfit or holding up something significant about what they’ve been doing. This is easy to do via smart phone messaging, email, social networking, and can really help to make your partner feel important. A daily picture also challenges you to be creative, taking funny and touching pictures.

7) Try To Keep Sex In The Picture

While you can’t touch or kiss your partner when you’re apart, that doesn’t mean that your sex life has to be entirely on hold. Some long-distance couples find that sharing fantasies helps to keep the spark alive, while others are more interested in trading photographs or experimenting with phone sex. You may feel shy or nervous about this prospect and prefer to stop at some mildly flirty comments. The importance thing is to ensure that your partner still feels desired, so you can feel free to put your own unique spin on ensuring that sexuality remains a part of your connection.

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Katherine Hurst
By Catherine Gordon
Catherine Gordon (PhD) has a background teaching and researching analytic philosophy. She is also a practising therapist who works with individuals and couples on issues relating to relationship difficulties, emotional well-being and self-improvement.

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