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7 Ways To Banish Beauty Draining Dark Eye Circles

Having dark circles under your eyes can really undermine your entire appearance and make you look older than your years. While using concealer is a quick fix, those pesky circles are right back as soon as the make-up is removed.

Removing your under-eye circles is the best way to go, but it can be difficult to decide which method to use. There are both prescription and over-the-counter remedies available, but most of these are pretty expensive, and they can come with unpleasant side effects. Natural remedies, paired with a proper diet and rest, can banish those dark circles for good, so keep reading to find out how you can improve your appearance today without breaking the bank or harming your skin.

1. Mint And Oil Paste

Mint is a wonderful herb with antioxidants that can help brighten up dark eye rings. Get some fresh mint leaves from your local grocery store and either olive or almond oil. Pound the leaves and add a few drops of the oil you selected. Place the mixture in a blender and blend for three seconds or so, until you get a rich paste. Apply the paste to the eye circles, being careful not to get the paste into the eye itself, and leave it on for around 30 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly and repeat as needed but not more than once daily.

2. The Famous Cucumber Fix

Chances are you’ve seen a woman with cucumber slices on her eyes in a movie or TV show at least once in your life. This old-fashioned remedy to banish eye circles is still used today by many beauty experts, and for good reason. The cucumber has mild astringent properties and skin-lightening abilities that make it the right produce for the job.

Take a fresh cucumber and cut it into thick slices. Chill those slices in your fridge for about 30 minutes, and then place the chilled slices on your eyes for 10 minutes. Wash with water when you’re done. Repeat this two times a day for about seven days to make some real progress. Alternatively, you can mix lemon and cucumber juice in equal amounts, and carefully apply the mix to the eye circles, avoiding contact with your eyes. Leave this on for 15 minutes and carefully wash it off using water. Use this version once a day for at least a week.

3. Peel A Potato

Potatoes have natural bleaching agents in them that can help reduce eye puffiness and dark circles. Simply grate a potato or two to get the juice out. Soak cotton in this juice, and then place it over your closed eye. Make sure it’s covering your eyelids and your circles. Allow the potato juice to stay on your eyes for around 15 minutes. Rinse the area off well with cold water afterwards, and repeat one or two times a day for about three weeks. You can also use thick potato slices instead of grating to extract juice, but make sure the slices are thick enough to produce substantial juice.

4. Lay On Some Lemon

Lemon juice’s store of vitamin C has skin-brightening properties that can help eradicate dark eye circles. Get fresh lemon juice and use a cotton ball to apply it around your eyes, but avoid getting it into your eyes. Leave the juice on for around ten minutes, and then carefully rinse the skin. Repeat once a day for three weeks. You can also make a paste by mixing a tablespoon of lemon juice, a dash of gram flour, turmeric powder and two tablespoons of tomato puree together. Apply the paste around your eyes, again avoiding the eye itself, and leave for about 15 minutes. Rinse the paste off with cool water, and repeat two to three times a week. If lemon juice causes any type of burning or stinging situation, discontinue use.

5. Use Old Teabags

Like cucumbers, teabags are a famous old remedy for eye circles. The antioxidant and caffeine in tea can do wonders on dark eye circles and fight eye puffiness by reducing retained fluid and shrinking blood vessels. Tannins found in tea in particular can reduce discoloration and swelling. With this remedy, it’s important to note that you need to avoid getting tea directly into your eyes.

Chill two used black or green tea bags in your fridge for around 30 minutes. Place one bag over each of your eyes, and leave it in place for 15 minutes or so. Remove the bags and gently wash your face, repeating once a day for three weeks for the best results.

6. Grab Cold Compresses

A cold compress may seem obvious, but it’s often an overlooked eye circle remedy. A cold compress can constrict blood vessels found under your eyes, reducing dark circles and puffiness. Soak a washcloth in cold milk or water, and place it over your closed eyelids for 15 minutes. You can also place a few ice cubes wrapped in cloth napkins under your eyes for a few minutes. Whichever remedy you use, repeat it three times a day for a few weeks.

7. Try Some Turmeric

The spice, turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can reduce the appearance of dark circles, and it will also make your eye skin softer and smoother. Mix two teaspoons of turmeric powder with the same amount of pineapple juice to form a paste. Apply the mixture to the affected area of your eyes. Leave it there for about ten minutes, and then wipe it away with a damp, soft cloth. Repeat once a day until you start seeing results.

Fight Dark Eye Circles On All Fronts

Dark eye circles can be caused by many things, so try the tips below to help lessen their occurrence.

•    Get enough rest and sleep.
•    Don’t rub your eyes too often or too much. This makes the blood vessels dilate, giving your circles an even darker appearance.
•    Remove all make-up before you go to bed, as it can irritate your eyes.
•    Limit your exposure to the sun.
•    Make sure you’re drinking enough water, as retention due to dehydration can make eye circles and puffiness worse.Pin It
•    If your bags are caused by fluid pooling in the lower eyelids, add two or more pillows under your head at night to keep it elevated.
•    Keep an eye on your diet, and make sure you’re getting foods high in vitamins A, C and E.
•    Stop smoking if possible, as it damages your skin cells.
•    Lessen caffeine and alcohol consumption, as both can dehydrate you and weaken the already delicate eye skin.

Try more than one remedy above to see what works the best for you, but always discontinue any method that results in skin and/or eye irritation. While natural remedies carry a lot less risk when it comes to side effects and other issues, it’s still possible for you to have an allergy or skin sensitivity you’re not aware of.

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