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7 Ways Being Generous Snags You More Success

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like a generous person. In fact, you’re probably thinking of a generous person in your life right now, someone who helped you when you needed it most, was kind when you really needed it, or simply gave you great advice when you were really confused.

Generous people make us feel good, loved and cared about. Naturally, having a person who is generous around is a wonderful thing for you, but it also does wonders for the person who is practicing it.

People who are truly generous in life are often also successful all the way around, from work to the community and in their personal lives, and it’s no coincidence. Check out the following seven ways being generous can help you become more successful.

1. It Brings Happiness

Generally speaking, a generous person is happy and full of life. This is because people who are willing to share their talents, time and possessions with others are just incredibly fulfilled. They have that sense of actually contributing to the world, and it’s a wonderful feeling that many of us seek. As being happy is one measure of success many people tend to look for, it is a great way to be.

Even if you don’t have much, you still have something to give. Take the time to visit a friend who needs some help or just a shoulder to lean on. Volunteer at your local shelter. Whatever you do, remember that generosity isn’t about giving just possessions away.

Spending your time helping someone else counts just as much, if not more, than parting with material things. Generosity comes in many forms, so do what you can and feel the most comfortable with. The most important thing is that you are truly giving just to give and not hoping to get something back.

2. It Makes You More Relaxed

Stress comes in many forms, but perhaps none as great as the need that you have to do or get more in life. Both a sense of poverty and greed can drive you to constantly fret over what you do not have, and this can result in you making some bad choices.

When you’re generous, you begin to worry less about what you don’t have and focus more on what you can share with others, whether it is a skill or some of your time. Work on being grateful for what you do have and being glad about what you can share. Don’t worry about what you think you want or what else you should have; the key is to start enjoying what you’ve earned now and sharing that with others when you can.

3. It Makes You More Focused

Generous people are often happy and willing to work for whatever they have. Success is a product of hard work, as there are no easy paths or shortcuts to true success. Since generous people are more focused on others than themselves, they often realize this and will work hard to achieve all their dreams and goals. They see their success as benefiting everyone around them and not just as a boost for themselves.

When you’re working toward your own goals, think about what it would mean for your family, friends or other people who are affected by what you do instead of yourself. The impact on other people can be an incredibly powerful motivator, but you’ve got to open yourself up to that way of thinking first.

4. It Fosters Kindness

Both happiness and kindness are traits associated with generous people. In short, generosity is really all about being kind. It’s giving yourself to other people to help them reach their dreams or receive comfort in their time of need. When you’re kind to other people, you’ll notice that people are kind to you in return. One crucial part of achieving success is knowing that whatever you give, you will receive a return.

Work on being kinder to others. It may seem difficult at first, but it’s really all about the little things. Give that one friend who goes off on tangents about their current favorite topic a little more enthusiasm than usual. Help a co-worker out with a difficult assignment or project, even though it’s not your job.

Ask an elderly relative if you can do anything for them. Be a little more patient with your partner, spouse or children, even after a hard day. There are a lot of little ways you can be kinder in your life, and once you start doing this, you’ll find yourself just being kinder almost out of habit.

5. It Lets You Be Free

Think of selfishness, want and greed as some of the strongest prisons you’ll ever encounter. These feelings are chains that limit all you do, and hold you down from reaching true success in your life. The only way to break these chains is by simple generosity.

Since the happiness and success of generous people depends more on what they give away than what they get, they are free to do whatever they want. You may have noticed the generous person in your life has more than they could ever need, and that’s because we receive back what we give out. Start giving more, and enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes with knowing you can give and don’t have to receive anything back in return.

6. It Improves Relationships

Being happy, kind and relaxed naturally attracts people to you. This is why generous people tend to have better friends and more of them, along with stronger relationships in general. Generous people are loyal and faithful, not looking to “get” something out of anyone, and it’s those qualities that make them stand out.

See how your relationships improve as you become a more generous person. The changes will help motivate you on your new path, and you can enjoy the feeling that comes with forging stronger bonds with the people in your life.

7. It Boosts Confidence

When you’re no longer the center of the universe in your life, you’ll find you feel better about yourself and the people around you. This is because the self-worth of generous people doPin Ites not rely on what they give, but the freedom that they have to give it. Selfishness, want and greed breed insecurity, and they are free of those weights.

Allow yourself to feel the newfound confidence you’ll get once you start being more generous in life. Being confident will help you on your road to success, and you’ll be more prepared for any challenges that may come your way.

Work toward being a more generous person today in all areas of your life, from personal relationships, to your interactions at work. Once it becomes a habit, you’ll be on the right road to success and a happier you all the way around.

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