7 Tips For Beating A Bad Day

We all have some bad days, but some are just so downright awful it can ruin your entire week! Whether absolutely nothing went right on Monday or you’ve just suffered setback after setback, you can get your groove back by trying these seven simple tips for surviving and then getting over a bad day.

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1. Remember What You Have

A roof over your head, food, clothes, these are all things you’re lucky to have. We all pay lip service to that idea, but it’s true. Think about all the things you have that others do not. List them on paper or just recite them in your head. It only takes a few minutes and you can even do it on the go, no matter where you are.

2. Let Yourself Breathe

Sometimes, a little break can make all the difference in the world. Yelling at your computer when it shuts down unexpectedly while you’re on a deadline is temporarily satisfying but only makes your mood worse. Take a break and breathe for five minutes if you’re getting fed up. Try an activity you enjoy, like a few minutes of playing your favorite game, to get yourself into a more positive mindset. A little diversion can work wonders in a stressful or frustrating situation.

3. Get Your Ducks In A Row

Many times, bad days come from stress. You have a million things to do but only so many more hours of the day in which to do them. Prioritize your To-Do list better so you’re getting what actually needs to get done that day accomplished. This can help you stay focused and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed, which just makes matters worse. Let go of tasks you can do another day, like finally cleaning out your messy car, in favor of things you must do, such as make that looming work deadline.4

4. Be Physical

A little exercise can do wonders for your mood. According to the American Psychological Association, just five minutes of moderate exercise is a mood pick-me-up. Physical activity can give you a bit of energy, help you drop stress and sharpen your focus. So, even if you just want to crawl into your bed, talk yourself into exercising so you can get back on track.

5. Give Yourself Advice

It sounds a little weird, sure, but think about what you would tell a friend in the same situation you’re currently in. Follow your own advice, and trust yourself. Sometimes, you need an outside perspective on your own circumstances to get yourself out of a rut and back into the swing of things, but you may not feel like talking to someone else. So, talk to yourself about what’s going on, and listen to what you have to say.

6. Take A Walk Outside

The outdoors can clear your mind and boost your mood. You don’t need to go hiking for hours, either. Just a little walk or sitting time in your favorite park might just do the trick. Relax and focus on the surrounding sights and sounds, the trees, the birds chirping and the water running, to get your head back into the game.Pin It

7. Remember Nothing Is Forever

Bad days tend to go on forever, as if they’re never going to end. But the day will end, and you’ll soon have a new one on which to start all over. Remind yourself that this is temporary, and better days are coming. Keeping yourself positive about the future just might stop you from dwelling too much on the negatives of the present.

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