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7 Things You’ll Know If You’re A Daddy’s Girl

If you have an amazing dad like mine, you realize how incredibly fortunate you are. He’s always there for me, always has been. Dad taught me how to tie my shoes and read me the best, craziest, most creative bedtime stories. Dad wiped my tears and told me jokes, having the best knack to make everything better.

Dad taught me how to ride my bike and that a scrape on the knee was not the end of the world… just experience. Dad painted my nails (because my mum doesn’t have steady hands). He came to every single one of my dancing shows and has been the best taxi to my friends and I on nights out.

He gave every male that walked in the door the death stare, which said, “If you mess with my daughter, next time we meet, it won’t be so pretty.”

Along with my mum, my dad is the first person I fell completely in love with the second I was born. For the record, my mum is pretty incredible too, but since it’s Father’s Day – these are the best things I’ve learned from being a Daddy’s girl, and if you have a great relationship with your dad you’ll know all about this too.

1. You Always Have A Best Friend

Whether it’s a fight with my friends, a moan about the idiot driver in front of me on my drive home or a major life crisis – Dad is always there to listen (even if he does roll his eyes that my major life crisis is the state of my nails). Friends come and go and you will drift apart from people you thought you’d know forever, but your dad is one person who is a best friend for life.

2. You Can Do No Wrong

Maybe you’ll be a little wrong sometimes, but the odds will always be stacked in your favor. I realize now that even when I was SO wrong, I was somehow right in my dad’s eyes. I’d always come out a winner from a sibling dispute. Why? Because how can this angelic face possibly have punched my brother?

3. You Always Get An Honest Opinion

Your friends told you you look great in that photo, whereas your dad will give you the cold, hard truth. “You look great” my mum will say, “you kind of look like you’ve been dragged through a bush backward” my dad will say. This is key for avoiding bad outfits, bad hair days and bad boyfriends.

4. You Experienced An Amazing Childhood

From adventures in the woods to family holidays at Disney World, there was never a dull moment. I have great memories of my childhood and all the wacky things we did. Grocery shopping was even made a treat being whizzed round on a shopping trolley and playing hide and seek in the aisles.

5. You Will Always Have Your Own Personal Cheerleader

My dad has always been all about me. Whether it was parents evening at school or one of many dancing competitions, my dad was always there cheering me on. Even when I failed my driving test for the fourth time, my dad somehow made it into something good, telling me when I finally pass, I’ll just be more experienced than everyone else.

 6. A Good Example Is Never Out Of Sight

In a difficult situation that you need some advice on? Look no further, Dad has been there and done it. My dad has a ton of stories he can tell and advice he can give to get me through any situation and is always there to give a helping hand.

7. Your Bond Is Unbreakable

People say nothing lasts forever, but this isn’t true. I am still young, but am sure that my bond with my dad is something that will last forever. No matter what happens in life, I know I will always have my best friend to lean on.

Thanks dad for being the absolute best friend any girl could ask for, Happy Father’s Day.

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By Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith has a passion for health, fitness, and nutrition, in her spare time, Rachel enjoys teaching dance to young children. She is an avid traveler and enjoys meeting new people and taking on new challenges.

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