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7 Reasons Why We Need Faith Now More Than Ever

Right now, there are parts of our world in turmoil. Some parts are at war with other countries and some people are at war within their own country. Lately, I have been thinking about faith. Not in a religious sense, but in the basic feeling of faith.

A little less than a year ago, someone gave me a bracelet with that same word on it and since then, it has never left me. Although the context in which it was given has changed, the meaning of the word or by whom it was given has not.

Being faithful is huge.

In most marriage ceremonies, the brides and grooms are asked to be “faithful onto each other.” Faith reaffirms our doubts and fears when life brings change we are hesitant to accept.

For example, the most recent Presidential election in the United States has questioned our belief in the democratic process and in turn, allowed emotions to run higher than normal. There are no more civil conversations or discussions about the issues that one considers worthwhile – instead, the tart insults become full of hatred and we have become even more divided than we ever were.

I do not have all of the answers to fix what’s wrong in the world, but I know we won’t get better by doing what we are doing.

Now more than ever, we need to have a little faith…

1. We need something to believe in. It’s easy to throw our hands up and convince ourselves that Armageddon is just around the corner. Regardless of who happens to be “running the show.” Allowing our minds to hold onto the good instead of the bad creates a sense of comfort. It may not be easy at first, but deep down, we know we want to believe.

2. We need to trust. Giving someone the benefit of the doubt can be a little scary. Especially when our first impressions were left questioning motives and agendas. Creating trust between people and wanting the same things is how we come together and live peacefully. Without a doubt, one must first give trust in order to receive it, but sometimes, we don’t get that chance.

3. We need to be courageous. In times of struggle and hardship, our first reaction is to run away. Blaming someone else instead of accepting responsibility never fixes the problem, no matter how small it is. Doing what most people cannot even begin to imagine is found in the moments when we are most brave.

4. We need to feel steady. Our uncomfortableness shows when we are unsure, full of doubt, and on rocky ground. We understand what is “normal” and anything that puts that feeling in jeopardy can create a sense of caution and guardedness. Only with a solid foundation can out psyche be assured that where we are is a good place.

5. We need to feel confident. Doubt creeps in when we start to question our own ability to do what we think is right. Confidence comes from the confirmation of the outcomes as a result of the choices we make. It grows as we allow ourselves more chances to fight past fear. It reminds us of what makes us great as people.

6. We need loyalty. Knowing we can count on people to be reliable and predictable makes the world a little less “shaky.” When change is evident, trusting who will be there eases tension and calms our souls. With so many things changing, having people who will stick by us – through anything and everything – peace in places where we need it most.

7-reasons-why-we-need-faith-now-more-than-ever-pin7. We need to have hope. Hope is believing in what is yet to come, regardless of what is in front of us now. Our patience is tested while we are in the middle of “the storm” but we feel better looking forward. In moments of despair and chaos, it is easy to lose what we need most to get through those moments.

Faith isn’t the whole answer. Alone it doesn’t do much. However, in times of disarray and confusion, it is comforting to us all. Faith is one facet of an entire mindset when it comes to the way we think and the way we act.

I can’t allow the threat of the unknown create a panic in my head as I run around trying to save everyone from everything all the time. No one has the kind of control to make our wishes reality every day. On the days when we have nothing more, I hope we never lose our faith. Our faith that we will be okay.

Our faith that we are resourceful and will figure things out. Our faith that life is meaningful and precious, no matter what. Our faith is ever growing and changing the lives of those around us. We need to have faith…to believe in something not yet known to us. For without it, we are lost forever.

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By Michelle A.Homme
Michelle A. Homme is an author and speaker. She has a degree in Political Science and is a quote writer, and contributor to various websites. In addition, she has taught at women's shelters and been interviewed for local TV programming. Michelle is married with 3 grown up sons.

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