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7 Reasons Why Being Different Is Good

Who wants to be normal? Not me. And truthfully, neither do most people.

Inherently, none of us are the same. We’re all made uniquely different in God’s eye, for a reason. How boring would life be if we all looked and acted exactly alike?

A basic human need that we all have that most people aren’t aware of is our need for variety. In other words, we have to have it, and it shows up in a variety of ways. For example, some people get their need for variety met through food and eating. Others, career and money. And yet others, people and relationships.

But no matter how, or in what way, it happens, because it has to. Our need for variety sparks differences in us that make us who we are, yet unfortunately, people tend to view our differences negatively.

I beg to differ.

I’ve always thrived on what makes me different. I couldn’t be more proud to be a leftie, I’m extremely proud of my heritage, and I fiercely safeguard my beliefs in holistic health and wellness.

All of which make me very different from the average mainstream way of life.

I love being different, and by virtue of my nature – whether I like it or not – I am. And so are you. But even more so, here’s why I think being different is good and not at all bad:

1. It’s a great conversation starter. Most people hate small talk, so imagine talking about your differences. Undoubtedly, you’ll get the conversation going in no time!

2. It helps you fulfill on your purpose. It might seem woo woo, but without question, we are all here for a reason. While not everyone is fully aware of what that is, one way or another your differences help you get there. My purpose is assuredly to support, nurture and advance the field of natural health, which is why my drive never lets me give up. If I did, my life would feel unfulfilled and empty, which is sadly how a lot of people feel every day.

3. It relieves boredom. One of the biggest factors behind emotional eating I have found by working with clients year after year is boredom. When you indulge in the things that make you different, you’re guaranteed to alleviate it altogether!

4. It makes you interesting. I’d much rather meet someone who’s different than just like me. You learn so much about things you didn’t know, and you’re never starving for things to talk about!

5. You get attention. This can be good or bad depending on how you are. Some people thrive on attention while others would rather avoid it, yet no one wants to be totally ignored. Getting attention is exhilarating and a self-esteem boost (another basic need), so no matter who you are, I see it as a plus!

Pin It6. It helps you develop confidence. If you tend to turn on yourself when someone doesn’t approve of you, your differences could be your saving grace. At some point in life, faking it will fail, and you’ll be forced to find yourself, causing you to embrace your differences and ultimately build your confidence.

7. It’s more fun! Monotony can be so routine. Expressing your differences by just being yourself doesn’t just feel good, it’s a good time too!

In a world where fitting in is at a premium, being different takes courage and stamina, but it’s so worth it. A lack of self-expression is at the root of so many emotional imbalances, especially when it comes to weight, and since you have to be someone anyways, why not just be you?

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By Angela Minelli
Angela Minelli is specially trained in the field of natural health, specifically in the area of energy deficiencies. She helps both men and women reclaim and double their energy without having to rely on medications or OTC drugs! Stressed to the max, plus a burning desire to get more out of life, she broke free from her corporate job and opened a practice in the natural healing arts, which she now enjoys freely and enthusiastically every day.

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