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7 Life Lessons My Toddler Has Taught Me

If you take a step back and look, would you agree that as adults we can take life a bit too seriously? How often have you found yourself stressing out about something, always busy and on the go, here there and everywhere all at once without a pause for breath?

Often, I look at my adorable daughter with envy and think “What does she have to worry about?”, “What bills does she have to pay?” “Why on earth is she throwing a tantrum because she can’t figure out how to complete a Disney puzzle?” Get over it!

However, when I really think about it, I do wonder, what if us adults were to step back for a second and take a look at our toddlers, and as opposed to what they can learn from us, hey, what can we actually learn from them?

So, take a breather from your hectic life and busy schedule and see the below 7 things we can learn for the better just by observing our kids. You’ll thank them for it one day!

1. Have Fun!

Even we grownups need to let loose and have fun sometimes. Life is for living and a little bit of silliness never hurt anyone. I’m not saying run around the lounge pulling silly faces like my daughter does and play chase around the entire proximity of your house, but you get the concept right?

Why not organize a night out bowling with your friends, or throw a party dressing up as your favorite superhero characters. Why? Well just because you can!

2. Have No Fear

Have you ever noticed how toddlers seem to have no fear whatsoever? My daughter recently went on a ride at a Theme park which was ridiculously high up and it didn’t bother her one bit. She was not fazed at all.

My husband made me get on the ride with her, in which I am pretty sure I turned green in fear of the height, whilst my daughter spent the whole time in hysterics and loving every minute. So, if something ever makes you feel afraid, take a chance, what is the worst that can happen? At least you can say you tried even if it wasn’t for you. And who knows, you might enjoy it.

3. Move On Quickly From A Bad Situation

Whether or not your toddler has had a fall, or spent 15 minutes screaming the house down throwing a tantrum because its bed time and they don’t want to go to bed, they soon get over it and super-fast. When something tough sets us back, us adults tend to dwell on it and over analyse.

Try jumping up and moving on, just like my daughter does when she falls over when she is being clumsy. You’ll feel better for it and glad that the situation is no longer bothering you.

4. Be Excited And Grateful, Even Over The Small Things

Whether I’ve bought my daughter a brand new doll, the latest must-have toy, or given her an empty plastic bottle that she can make funny sounds out of, she’s equally just as happy (I am sure this will change as she gets older!) Let’s all be excited for even the small things in life, and grateful for what we have got as oppose to moan about what we haven’t got, or what someone else might have.

Our excitement might be on the scale of a meal and drinks at the weekend as oppose to a luxury spa weekend away, but hey get excited even for those little things and precious times.

5. Express Your Emotions

Toddlers certainly do not keep their feelings bottled up. So if they are happy they will smile and giggle and jump up and down, which is just magical to see. Equally if they are hurting, upset, wound up, or simply tired, boy will you know about it! However, what we must learn from this is that it is okay to express your emotions and not keep things bottled up.

We are all human and should be able express ourselves, whether or not it is a happy emotion or a sad emotion.

6. Love Learning Something New

Toddlers get super excited when they learn something new don’t they? Whether that be a new song, a new book, or arts and crafts. Perhaps you should think about trying a new hobby, enrol in that language course you wanted to do, or anything that you can enjoy to broaden your skills.

7. Spread The Love And AffectionPin It

My daughter often shows me love and affection. She might not be able to say it yet, but I know and can feel that she needs me and that she appreciates me very much in her own weird and wonderful way. She does not take her mummy for granted. As adults it is important to show the people that look after and care for us that we love them in return and appreciate them.

Now take a look at your kids. What makes them tick? What makes them great? See what messages you can take from them to improve your life and happiness for the better. You’ll be surprised that such a little person can teach you such big life lessons.

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By Natalie Lawson
After completing a BTEC course in Art and Design and a degree in Fashion Design and Marketing, Natalie has worked in various head offices of major retailers within the buying and marketing sector. Moving into a role within copywriting and editorial, she realized this was a new path that she loved. With a passion for personal growth and development, Natalie works part-time and is also a wife and mother to her young daughter - which she feels is the perfect combination!

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