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7 Great Reasons To Enjoy The Outdoors More

For centuries, people have found solace in spending time outdoors. They often discover that doing so lifts their spirits and helps them feel physically better, too. Keep reading to discover valid reasons why you should get some fresh air rather than staying cooped up in the house!

1. You’ll Feel More Energetic

Numerous scientific studies confirm that people feel more alive when they spend time outdoors. The results make it seem as if being around the elements of nature has a revitalizing effect on people. If you’re down in the dumps, your ticket to feeling better may be just outside your door, so head on out into the sunshine and stop and smell the roses… literally!

2. You’ll Be Better Able To Recover From Stressful Things

Scientists have also discovered that being out in nature makes people more resilient after stressful experiences. It’s important to note that in these studies, the effects were felt when people were attentive while being exposed to nature, not just experiencing it passively.

3. Exercising In Nature Can Bring Great Results

When given the choice to do so, you may get better outcomes from your workout routines if you exercise outside rather than indoors. Several studies suggest that possibility. Even when you only have enough time to exercise outdoors for a short period, you’ll probably still notice the benefits of doing so. Dump that expensive gym membership and engage in some healthy outdoor activity instead; it’s free and better for you!

4. You May Enjoy A Long-Term Mental Health Boost

If you’re lucky enough to live near an area that has abundant natural areas, that choice of abode may help you have better mental health. What’s more, the effects that scientists saw lasted a full three years after the move. That’s strong evidence to consider if you’re eyeing an upcoming move and aren’t sure whether to relocate to an urban space or one that has more greenery.

5. You Might Get Sick Less Often

Researchers at UC Berkeley discovered that when people are in nature, they’re more likely to feel a sense of awe. That shouldn’t be surprising to anyone who has marveled at a steep mountaintop or watched in wonder as waves crashed onto a shoreline. However, scientists believe that the sense of awe can decrease inflammation in the body, which can reduce strain on the immune system. Therefore, being out in nature may mean you have a better chance of safeguarding yourself from colds, flu and coughs. It may even cut your risk for more severe problems, like type 2 diabetes.

6. You Could Extend Your Life

According to a Japanese study that lasted for five years, elderly people who were within walking distance to green spaces were less likely to die during the course of the study than their counterparts were. Scientists made sure to account for other factors that could contribute to a shorter life, such as age and income, too. That means that even if you don’t live directly in an area that’s near the great outdoors, but can walk to one easily, there’s no need to miss out on the greenspace benefits.Pin It

7. You Might Be Healthier Just By Having Houseplants

Scientists also wanted to see if good health effects were also noticed by people who physically could not get outside. Therefore, they studied hospital patients who were put in rooms that had houseplants. It was discovered that the people who stayed near the plants were more likely to be healthier in terms of feeling less anxious and having lower blood pressure, among other things.

It’s clear that spending time outdoors and having a ton of houseplants indoors is good for your mental and physical health. Don’t delay spending time outside; even when the weather is less than desirable. Fresh air and exercising in the great outdoors is perfect for you, especially if you care about staying as healthy as possible, for as long as possible.

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By Sandie Hamilton
Sandie understands how our environment can have such a direct and poignant effect on our daily lives. She is passionate about helping her clients to live in an environment that is beneficial to their health, which empowers them to face each new day with determination and vigour and which is easily achievable. “There are many aspects at home and within our daily lives that can be changed by making small adjustments to the world around us. I can help my patients to identify a toxic environment and to change it into an environment that promotes health, clarity of mind and wellness overall.”

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