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6 Ways To Keep A Friendship When Your Friend Moves Away

Often we do not realize what an important role our friends play in our lives until a day arrives when they move away. This can be an inevitable part of life due to love, graduating, career opportunities or a myriad of other reasons. Suddenly not being able to see a very close friend whenever you want can be a shock, and it is something that can take a while to sink in.

However, just because a friend now lives far away, it doesn’t mean that you cannot remain close. There are now more ways than ever before to keep in touch with people and ensure that your friendship endures. This means that you don’t have to fall into the trap of becoming distant and letting a friendship simply fade away when you can’t see each other anymore on a daily basis. Here are just six ways that you can remain connected with a friend even after they no longer live close to you.

1. Don’t Stop Chatting To Each Other

There is no reason to stop talking to a friend simply because they are far away. Don’t get into the mindset of thinking you can only chat to a friend when there are important issues to discuss either. If you and a friend were constantly chatting about anything when you were together, don’t let distance deter you from continuing to do so.

In addition to phone calls and social media there are lots of other options, such as messaging apps that enable you to stay in touch with friends. To keep your friendship going strong, it is important that you talk to each other as often as possible even if it is done “virtually.”

Knowing what each other are doing at all times will strengthen your connection with friends and will also ensure that they never begin feeling like strangers to whom you cannot ask for advice. Because life tends to be so busy it can be tricky to schedule the time to make phone calls, so instead use every opportunity you can to keep in touch.

Chat to each other when you are in line at the supermarket, going for a walk or simply paying bills. There’s no need to talk about important events either; just remember about all the random things you would talk about in person and share your experiences with each other. The important thing is that the bond between you and your friend remains strong, and knowing all the small details about each other’s lives is a great way to do so.

2. Don’t Forget To Send Photos Regularly

Phone calls and chat messages are great, but photos are also a good way to keep in touch and not let the friendship falter. You and your friend should never feel like strangers to each other, so take every opportunity to share photos of yourself and your life with them.

It not only shows that you are making a concentrated effort to be part of each other’s lives, but it is also a fun activity that helps to keep your bond strong. Services such as Snapchat and Instagram make it very easy to share spontaneous photos with friends.

Be creative and share photos of all the things you see around you on a daily basis that remind you about the friendship that you share with each other. You and your friend can also share photos of everything you see that you know appeals to both of you.

3. Don’t Keep Secrets From Each Other

One of the things that keeps friendships so strong is the ability to share secrets with each other. It is not unusual for best friends to know secrets that nobody else knows. Sharing secrets is a sign of trust, and it is important for your friend to feel like you still trust them even when you are far apart.

Of course, the same rules apply as when sharing secrets in person; don’t ever betray the trust of your friend by sharing the secrets that they tell you with others.

Ironically, you might find that it is actually easier to share secrets with each other when you are far apart as opposed to doing so face to face. When communicating via chat messages, there is less discomfort about sharing secrets with each other, so use this to your advantage and continue to build on the trust and connection you have with each other.

4. Don’t Stop Seeing Each Other In Person

Distance is no excuse to not take every opportunity you can get to be closer to your friends. Depending on the distance involved it might not always be easy to see each other in person, but don’t let this deter you from making the effort. You will find that even if you are only able to see each other for a short while that it can be an enjoyable experience which both of you will fondly remember.

If distance is really a major issue, try to think of ways to make the most of your time together. For example, plan a vacation, or go on a trip together to places that both of you would like to visit. This way you’ll not only be spending quality time together in each other’s company, but also making wonderful new memories in the process.

Ideally you should pick a place that is located somewhere halfway between where you and your friend are, so that neither of you have to spend too much time or money to get there.

5. Don’t Just Talk About The Good Stuff

6-ways-to-keep-a-friendship-when-your-friend-moves-away-pinIt is great to have fun with friends and talk about goofy things, but remember that they are also there for the harder stuff. Because of the distance between the two of you it can be easy to let things that would otherwise seem insignificant become a major hurdle.

For example, it is common to see photos that your friend posts on social media where they are having fun with other people and then feel as if they don’t need you in their life anymore.

Instead of letting this get to you and becoming distant, talk to your friend about how you feel instead and clarify things. Don’t let miscommunication or assumptions get in the way of your friendship. You should also make an effort to always be there to chat to a friend whenever they are going through a rough patch and need support, even if this means staying up a little later or sharing difficult experiences of your own to give them the comfort that they need.

6. Don’t Skimp On The Physical Correspondence

Using technology to keep in touch is convenient, but for an extra special touch, take the time to send your friend something hand-made like a letter or postcard. This will provide them with something tangible that they can add to their collection of mementos. You can even send the occasional care package filled with things from your area that your friend might not be able to find where they are.

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By Lisa Harris
Lisa Harris is a qualified relationship and friendship coach. After studying in California, she started up her own friendship building business, where she helps clients to reconnect with others, making companions so that they no longer feel lonely. Lisa is passionate about helping others find happiness with a large client base of people that have made friends for life.

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