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6 Ways To Be A Happier Person

Being happy is probably a goal that is on everyone’s list. The things that individuals think will make them happy might vary from person to person. For one it might be finding a fulfilling relationship, for others having financial security but whatever happiness might ‘look like’ it is something that most people want to achieve.

The problem is that often we focus on particular things – the thought being getting the new house, bigger car, better job, or better relationship will bring happiness. But often what makes people happy is their attitude and focus and while we might not be able to control external circumstances we can make a decision to change our attitude and make changes to what we spend our days focussing upon.

1. Take Responsibility

One of the features of people who are NOT happy is that often they blame their unhappiness on everything but themselves. It is the situation, other people, circumstances, and of course, these can all play a part but with unhappy people usually as soon as one set of circumstances change, there will be something else to ‘make’ them unhappy.

Sometimes we play a part in creating a particular set of circumstances and taking personal responsibility for that is important to make sure, if the consequences were negative, that we don’t repeat that. At other times we have no control over the situation but we can still make a choice about how we respond to the challenges of difficult circumstances. If you observe the people who seem always to be happy you will notice that they too have their fair share of difficulties but their response is very different.

2. Don’t Compare

It is very hard not to compare ourselves with others, our home, job, relationship but if we do this regularly then our focus shifts away from ourselves and over to others. If we do compare ourselves to others often we do it by comparing with people we admire, people who may have things that we want. This kind of comparison almost always leads to frustration and dissatisfaction. Instead turn the attention towards yourself and focus on what you do have.

It is part of setting goals to aspire to other things but do be careful that in doing so you are not simply making yourself unhappy. Focus on what you are aiming for rather than other people who may have achieved it already.

3. Take Pleasure In The Small Things

People who are happy usually take delight in lots of small things – whether a sunrise, a lovely meal, changing scenes or music. We are so lucky to have so much yet it is easy to almost forget to enjoy the good things we have. Lives these days are busy and stressful for many, so take the time to enjoy the pleasures along the way, not just the big ones, holidays, nights out, fun with friends but also the small things like a good book or a chat with a friend.

4. Be Grateful

When you take the time to notice and enjoy the pleasures, big and small, that life can bring it will almost inevitably make you be more grateful. Gratitude definitely has an impact on how we feel about many aspects of our lives. In terms of the Law of Attraction being grateful sort of raises our energy level and helps us to attract abundance. But it also changes how we feel – give it a try.

6-Ways-To-Be-A-Happier-Person-pin5. Be Positive
In all but the direst of situations, there is something positive. But you might have to search a bit to find it. That searching, that determination in the face of adversity to look for the positive element is often what marks out the happy people we come across from those who are simply not happy and who may find it hard to enjoy life.

6. Be Outward Looking And Giving

Having said earlier that it is often not helpful to compare yourself with others it is helpful to be outward looking in the sense of giving, not just money but your time, energies and expertise. There are lots of people with a whole range of ‘needs’ within our society and rather than focussing on what we might not have, focus instead on what we can give. In a difficult situation, how could you help others? What could you add to help solve a problem?

Having an outward and giving mindset can change your life. A simple act of kindness can actually make you feel happier. So get happy, and good luck!

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By Sheila Mulvenney
Sheila Mulvenney is a teacher, coach and therapist, specializing in helping people to achieve success in any area of their life, business, relationships, self image or wealth. Sheila works closely with people on their mind sets and limiting beliefs to help them create more positivity. She has witnessed some incredible transformations. Sheila is passionate about believing in the power of positivity and the abundance of the universe.

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