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6 Tips To Living A Perfect Day

If you have ever desired to experience a perfect day, then you may be pleased to learn that many of the elements needed to make this phenomenon a reality are within your capabilities. Use the following six tips to enrich your day in a manner than enables you to be completely present, engaged, happy and without regret.

1. Wake Up And Meditate

Make a habit of practicing meditation as soon as you rise in the morning and you will be well on your way to achieving a perfect day. Meditating, or finding a quiet space where you can clear your mind of distractions, emotions and judgments, provides you with the opportunity to breathe deeply, observe your thoughts and gain focus. Try to meditate for a set amount of time after you wake up so that your likelihood of having a perfect day every day can increase. Choose a setting where you are unlikely to be interrupted by others; meditation is about centering and grounding yourself in the moment.

2. Make A Productivity Plan

In order to avoid tainting your perfect day with a lack of productivity and direction, make a plan for all of the tasks that you need to accomplish in your waking hours. Motivate yourself by listing your preferred tasks first; this will enable you to begin the process with enthusiasm and energy, which then carries over to your less-desired projects. Your productivity plan is highly beneficial to the quest for a perfect day in that for many people there is no greater satisfaction than being able to check every task off your list by nightfall.

3. Give Yourself Time

Though motivation is important, be certain to take small breaks throughout the day to rest your mind and body. If you try to move and work non-stop, then your perfect day is at risk for being overtaken by exhaustion, inattentiveness and frustration. Go for a walk in nature, sit with a good book or simply close your eyes for set periods in between reaching your daily goals. Intermittent moments of pure pleasure are vital to the experience of an optimal day.

4. Be Kind To Others

Being mindful of the ways in which you interact with people in your life is important, as you cannot truly have a perfect day without striving to enhance others’ days to the best of your abilities. Keep kindness, compassion, empathy and support at the forefront of your mind as you go about your day; embracing these qualities helps to get you through inconvenient or stressful situations with your positivity intact. Treat others well and you will not only be at peace with yourself at the end of the day but may also make a difference for someone who is going through a difficult time.

5. Stimulate Your Mind Through Creativity

Engaging in a creative process is an ideal way to elevate a typically pleasant day to one that is brimming with perfection. When you focus your innate talents on creating something beautiful and meaningful, whether for your own sense of accomplishment or as a gift to share with others, you are truly living in the moment at every stage of the process. Allow a flow of ideas to stream through your mind, then use your hands to shape these ideas into something fulfilling, whether it be musical composition, painting, sculpture, a sewing project, scrapbook or any other craft that enhances your mental and physical skills.Pin It

6. Give Thanks At Day’s End

Your perfect day would not be complete without an acknowledgment of gratitude for your existence, your loved ones and all of the good fortune that you experience in life. Never waste time and energy wishing for what has passed you by or what you cannot have; feelings of resentment, bitterness and envy are highly counterproductive to the concept of enjoying a perfect day. Reflect on the things for which you are grateful and carry this appreciation in your mind and heart. If you are spiritual, take a few moments at the end of each day to thank your deity or guiding spirit for all of your gifts.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Author at Since discovering the Law of Attraction, she has overcome some turbulent times to achieve plain sailing in life. Katherine strongly believes that 'you are what you think', which is why she now lives by the mantra that 'positivity is power'! Katherine’s mission is to share her own experiences of using the Law of Attraction to inspire change and happiness in the lives of all.

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