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6 Takeaways From Yoga At Home With YouTube Videos

A great way to do yoga is from the comfort of your home by watching yoga classes on YouTube. Doing yoga in this way is very convenient because you don’t need to go anywhere to take your classes.

It also is very affordable, and you don’t have to worry about looking awkward in front of strangers!

But if you are going to do at home yoga classes by watching YouTube, your odds of a successful routine will increase if you keep these tips in mind:

1. Set Up a Fixed, Comfortable Place For Yoga

One of the challenges of doing yoga at home via YouTube is that many of us don’t have a dedicated space to this vital practice.

It helps to have a space that you only use for yoga practice.

If possible, set aside an extra room that is only for yoga.

Many of us don’t have an extra room (I don’t) but having that yoga mat out and ready to go in a dedicated part of your chosen room at all times is a great way to encourage your daily practice.

Try to create a spot at home that is quiet and has as much space around you as possible.

A blank wall near you is very helpful because it is a handy prop that will be very useful for some poses.

Some yogis find it helpful to create a good atmosphere by lighting incense or a candle or by making the lighting softer and playing some background music that you enjoy.

In the end, work with space you have available the best you can.

The main thing is to have adequate space to avoid bumping into things or family members.

2. Have The Right Yoga Accessories

The major thing that you need, of course, for good YouTube yoga at home is a nice sticky yoga mat.

It always helps your practice to spend a little extra on a high-quality mat that is comfortable.

Blocks and straps are useful for your home yoga practice, but they can be supplanted by books and belts.

If you’re planning to invest in yoga blocks/bricks and straps I love the ones from Infinity. A bolster is useful, but some yogis use pillows and blankets.

3. Prevent Injuries

There is no shortcut here. Be aware of your physical limits and any objects in your space that could injure you.

The most vulnerable parts of the body are the knees, ankles, low back, hips and neck.

If you feel any pain while you are practicing, you should come out of the pose. Do not force it.

It’s important to warm up the body fully before you try advanced yoga poses. Be careful and mindful when you are doing transitions between poses, as well.

These are the times when an injury is more likely; we have a tendency to pay less attention to alignment.

4. Choose the Correct Style

When you choose an at home yoga class from a YouTube channel, it is important to ask what your body and mind need from yoga practice today.

Do you need something more active to get your blood pumping or something quieter and softer to relax your body and mind?

The more you do yoga at home, the more you will understand how the different practices affect you. It will become easier for you to recognize what the mind and body need on different days.

You should be sure to choose a class, style, and teacher that speaks to you. Make the class you choose perfect for you by being fully aware.

If there are parts of the class that you don’t like, just breathe through that part and observe how you feel.

Keep in your mind that how you react during yoga affects how you react to your daily life.

5. Do Your Practice Regularly

One possible downside of doing YouTube yoga at home is that there is often no one to keep you accountable for practicing regularly.

Remember that you should be practicing on a regular basis. Even doing it once a week has its benefits.

At the end of the day, what works for you is what matters.

Don’t feel bad if you miss a practice; feelings of failure usually lead to skipping more sessions.

Even a 10-minute yoga session at home once a week is better than nothing.

6. Enjoy

It is important to view your yoga practice with joy. Don’t do it more than you want, or inevitably, you will stop doing it. It should be an activity you look forward to!

If the YouTube yoga at home classes you are taking is something you no longer look forward to, you may want to try another style or teacher. There are plenty of great options available on YouTube to try.

If you try these six things as you are doing your yoga practice at home, it will beneficial for your mind, body, and spirit for years to come.

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By Lesley Fightmaster
Lesley Fightmaster (yes, that is her real last name) found yoga in 2000 while trying to turn off her head from "oversharing." She wanted to practice meditation but just couldn't sit for more than 30 seconds without wanting to jump out of her skin! She was hooked after her first yoga class because she was finally able to relax and quiet her mind. In 2006, she signed up for Teacher Training with YogaWorks to learn how to teach vinyasa flow safely and with intelligent sequencing. She now leads Teacher Trainings and retreats all over the world. Lesley offers free weekly online yoga classes on her growing YouTube channel. Many yogis enjoy her 30 and 90 day programs. Lesley leads a breath-focused, alignment based class that combines her deep love of movement with some heartfelt humor. Lesley believes that the transformational gift of yoga should be available to everyone. More people practicing yoga creates a better world for everyone.

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