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6 Reasons To Say “Yes”

Why is it that some people are better off than others; is their life simply better for “just because” reasons, or is there something tangible that you can learn from them? How come they are always so positive and seem to have everything going for them? Maybe it is because they have fully embraced saying yes rather than no to what life offers them; maybe that’s what you can learn. Let’s have a look at the reasons for saying yes.

You Have Nothing To Lose

Really, nothing at all. If something comes your way and you say no for whatever reason, realize that you’re losing the chance to do something different. By saying yes, you’re opening the door to a world of opportunity, with the worst-case scenario is that you may lose some time or effort. Saying yes to new things is never a bad thing, so grasp these chances wherever you can find them.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

The reason for saying yes even if you may not be up to the job is simply because you can pretend to know what you’re doing until you’re good enough to do it. This applies to a great many situations, from waiting tables to writing blog posts, and you wouldn’t be the first person to start without any inkling of what to do and make it to the big leagues. So don’t be afraid and just jump right in!

People Prefer A Yes Attitude

Another good reason to embrace yes as a philosophy is that the people around you will probably end up liking you more. Negative people, or those who say no quickly, receive a reputation for being “Debbie Downers” and are invited to fewer parties than positive, upbeat people are. This extends into the professional realm, as well, as employers like people who say yes and jump at any opportunity to tackle a new challenge. Having your boss like you is never a bad thing.

One Good Decision Is A Step Toward Another One

Once you say yes once, you’ll probably notice that opportunities will come swarming to you. A yes to one is an invitation for more to come your way. Once you apply yourself to a new course, you’ll find that the rewards will soon follow in the form of a better network as well as practical experience that is always appreciated by people. Opening yourself up to new experiences is usually the first event in a chain that will take you to places of which you never even dreamed.

Expanding Horizons

Saying yes means that you’re open to new things, that you’re willing to broaden your horizons. By embracing a more positive attitude, you’ll find that weird and different things are more appealing than ever before, making you more liable to try new things and realize new opportunities. It will make you more creative and more likely to see benefits where other, more negative people merely flounder. The world is a great big place that needs only to be explored when you say yes, so start now.

More Successful

Pin ItWhat all these points add up to is that you’ll be more successful than you ever dreamed you’d be just by saying a short little word more often. New opportunities will open up as if by magic, people (including your boss) will be more likely to help you grasp these chances, and you’ll have the imagination and open-mindedness necessary to make the most of it. Success is just a change in mindset away, so change today and reap the benefits tomorrow!

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By Nicole Lipman
Nicole is a Nationally Certified Consulting Therapist, with a Bachelor of Science degree, a background in life management and motivational coaching. She specializes in hypnosis for stress reduction, habit cessation and pain management. One of her favorite quotes is “the mind is powerful, and we have more control than we think”. She strongly believes that the mind holds the key to most of life’s problems, and that hypnosis helps to unlock and find answers to these problems.

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