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Video: 6 More Reasons To Drink Coffee Every Day

Everyone knows that coffee helps us feel less tired and increase energy levels. But let’s see if we can find you another excuse to drink coffee more often?

Here Are 6 Surprising Health Benefits Of Coffee.

  1. It reduces stress. The way coffee affects neurotransmitters may help your body fight off symptoms of stress and stress-related diseases.
  2. It’s great for your liver.  Excess consumption of alcohol and fructose cause permanent injury to the liver called cirrhosis. But coffee can lower the risk of cirrhosis by as much as 80% for those drinking more than 4 cups of coffee per day. Plus, coffee may also lower the risk of liver cancer.
  3. It can make you happier. Coffee appears to lower the risk of developing depression. In a Harvard study published in 2011, women who drank 4 or more cups per day had a 20% lower risk of becoming depressed.
  4. It reduces the chances of getting skin cancer. Of course, you shouldn’t swap sunscreen for the drink, but a recent study has shown that individuals who consume more than 4 cups of coffee a day are 20% less likely to develop malignant melanoma (a type of skin cancer).Pin It
  5. It can make you a better athlete. Caffeine can enhance performance in endurance sports. Caffeine mobilizes fat stores and encourages working muscles to use fat as a fuel for the body.
  6. It can make you smarter. Studies have shown that coffee improves various aspects of brain function. This includes memory, mood, vigilance, energy levels, reaction times and general cognitive function.

So there you go – 6 great reasons to drink more coffee. But, even though all these benefits of coffee may make you rush for another cup, remember that it’s best not to exceed four cups of coffee per day.

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