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6 Job Hunting Techniques You Should Be Using (But Most Likely Aren’t)

If you find that you are jobless, but you are applying like crazy to get the job of your dreams, it’s fair to say that something isn’t working. You don’t have to worry, because you are not alone. Many people use the same techniques to get the job that they desire.

The problem is, many others are using those same techniques and are competing against you to get those same jobs.

However, with the right tactical approach, you can outwit the other job applicants and secure your next job in a matter of days.

Want to know more? Keep on reading.

1. Start by committing to make at least 50 cold calls for job opportunities per week.

The best jobs on offer are usually the ones that aren’t advertised on the market. However, the only way to get the opportunity is by making yourself known to the hiring manager before the job is listed.

You want to make a list of the skillset that is needed and find a list of companies that will need your skillset.

The more niche you can make it, the more likely it is those organizations will hire you for the role.

To be successful, you will need to find up to 500 prospective organizations. And even though it may sound like a lot, you only need to secure one job.

So once the opportunity comes through, you will be able to secure your role in the organization.

2. Send in an application letter to express your interest in a role.

I mean, send a real hard-copy letter that is addressed to the hiring manager with a personalized message for them to read. In an era where everyone lives through electronic communication, a letter may break through the noise and land in the hands of the hiring manager.

As long as the content of the letter impresses them, it’s likely that you will contact you personally to discuss any roles that are on offer.

Add a personalized logo on the letterhead to brand your application letter. It will serve as a simple, yet subtle reminder of who you are.

3. Ask someone to recommend you.

You already have a network of people around you who are keen to help you secure a role. So reach out to your network and ask them if they would be happy to forward your CV to a hiring manager that they know of.

The existing relationship between you and the hiring manager may be enough to create an opportunity for the organization to hire you.

4. Search for job opportunities on Twitter.

It’s amazing to see how people aren’t using Twitter enough to find out about job opportunities that are emerging in the market. If an announcement is going to happen from a company, Twitter is going to be one of the first places where it will be announced.

You can do a search on Twitter to find any job roles that are available at the moment. Or find historical job offers on the platform and contact the company to find out more about positions like those within the business.

5. Search on Google for direct job listings.

Similar to the approach that you would use on Twitter, do a search on Google for any new job opportunities.

You can use the tools in the search bar to filter recently announced jobs by the last week or month. Once you have compiled a database of the job opportunities, you can reach out to them…

6. Shortlist people you want to work for and let them know that you want to work for them.

This is essentially networking. And you can do it via several avenues. You can reach out to them via email, phone or social media.

But it is important that you compile a wishlist of those people that you to would like to work with.

It’s very easy to only think about the jobs that are listed on the job platforms, however, there are more opportunities that can be found if you dig a little deeper.

If you are struggling to get a job, try out these techniques. I’m sure that within a few weeks, you will secure the job that you’ve been dreaming of.

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