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50 Surprising Benefits Of Ordinary Castor Oil

Castor oil is found in a variety of everyday products, such as soaps and cosmetics, but its health benefits are also well-known. The oil has been used for many years to treat a variety of conditions and everyday problems. Check out this list of 50 benefits to see how useful this pale yellow liquid really is when it comes to your health and beauty.

  1. Prevents Constipation
    Since castor oil is a strong laxative it can be used to treat constipation. Mixing it with juice will improve the taste while still retaining its laxative effects.
  2. Warts and Mole Remover
    Treat warts and moles by applying a mixture of castor oil and baking soda to them.
  3. Reduce Skin Allergies
    Thanks to its anti-allergic properties castor oil can be used to reduce skin allergies.
  4. Boosts the Immune System
    Castor oil has the ability to increase the lymphocyte count in our bodies, which boosts the immune system.
  5. Relief from Joint Pains
    Because it is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds castor oil can be applied to the skin for relief from joint pains.
  6. Soothes Dry Skin
    Apply a mixture of castor oil and coconut oil to the skin to treat dry skin.
  7. Strengthen Nails
    Massage castor oil into cracked or brittle nails on a daily basis as a strengthening treatment.
  8. Skin Firming Treatment
    Apply castor oil to your face and neck to help firm skin that loosens with age.
  9. Treat Chicken Pox Scars
    Get rid of the scarring caused by chicken pox or shingles by applying castor oil, which is rich in vitamin E.
  10. Get Rid of Dark Circles Around the Eyes
    Apply castor oil under the eyes to get rid of dark circles and look more refreshed after not getting enough sleep.
  11. Prevent Stretch Marks
    Apply castor oil regularly to stretch marks to make them fade away.
  12. Lip Balm
    Massaging your lips with castor oil is an effective treatment for chapped lips.
  13. Soothe Sunburned Skin
    Take the sting out of sunburned skin by applying castor oil to the affected area.
  14. Treat Mild Acne
    Apply castor oil to acne on your skin and leave it on overnight to treat this condition.
  15. Get Rid of Dry Eyes
    A drop of castor oil in each eye every night before bed will help you to get rid of dry eyes.
  16. Lengthen Eyelashes
    Apply castor oil to the eyelashes to make them longer and thicker.
  17. Darkens Hair
    Massage your hair regularly with castor oil to reverse sun damage and make your hair darker as well as healthier.
  18. Reduce Split Ends
    Because castor oil can penetrate deep into the scalp you can use it to smooth out hair cuticles and reduce split ends.
  19. Thicken Eyebrows
    The fatty acid content of castor oil makes it a good choice to trigger hair growth when applied to your eyebrows.
  20. Thicken Hair
    Castor oil is just as effective for thickening your hair, thanks to its fatty acid content.
  21. Heal Fungal Infections
    Apply castor oil to finger and toe nails to help heal fungal infections.
  22. Liver Detoxification
    Relaxing with a castor oil soaked cotton cloth over your abdomen is a great way to detoxify your liver.
  23. Treat Food Allergies
    A teaspoon of castor oil soothes inflammation and irritation, which is helpful in treating food allergies.
  24. Cure Ringworm
    One of the major components of castor oil, undecylenic acid, is an effective way to treat ringworm.
  25. Relief for Muscle Aches
    Apply castor oil directly to areas of the body where you have muscle aches, and then massage the skin to alleviate the pain.
  26. Treat Scratches and Abrasions
    Applying only a few drops of castor oil to scratches or abrasions on the skin can provide relief from the pain and speed up the healing process.
  27. Treat Hemorrhoids
    Soak a cotton ball in castor oil, and then gently apply it to hemorrhoids that are outside the body to get rid of the pain and itching.
  28. Lighten Freckles
    Regularly applying castor oil over the dark spots on your skin can help to lighten freckles.
  29. Shaving Cream Replacement
    Castor oil is a great lubricant for razors, so it can be used instead of shaving cream if needed.
  30. Calms Waxed Skin
    Waxing skin can cause redness and inflammation that can be calmed by applying castor oil to the affected areas immediately.
  31. Reduce Facial Wrinkles
    Combine a few drops of castor oil with your night cream, and apply it to your face every evening to reduce facial wrinkles.
  32. Dandruff Removal
    Get rid of dandruff by treating the dry skin on your scalp with some castor oil.
  33. Softens Cracked Heels
    By massaging castor oil into dry and cracked heels you can also treat this condition.
  34. Treat Bug Bites
    Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties castor oil also provides effective relief from annoying bug bites.
  35. Assists with Menstrual Issues
    The ricinoleic acid in castor oil is able to help with menstruation that is painful, obstructed or delayed. Castor oil also acts as a pain reliever during menstruation.
  36. Enhances Hair Growth
    Heat castor oil and massage it into your scalp after it has cooled down a bit to help promote hair growth.
  37. Promotes Better Sleep
    Dabbing a few drops of castor oil on your eyelids before bed will help you to fall asleep quicker and to maintain a longer sleep cycle.
  38. Skin Cleansing
    Mix castor oil with coconut, sweet almond or olive oil, and apply the mixture to your skin before gently massaging for several minutes. Remove the oil with a warm cloth to complete the cleansing.
  39. Treat Fibrocystic Breast Lumps
    Placing a castor oil pack over affected areas of the breast can help soften painful and tender benign lumps.
  40. Hair Conditioner
    Adding a few drops of castor oil to your shampoo before using it on your hair means you don’t have to buy expensive hair conditioner.
  41. Hand Cream
    Castor oil can be applied raw or mixed with your hand cream for a more natural and gentle lotion.
  42. Moisturizes Dried Out Cuticles
    To nourish and restore dried out cuticles simply apply some castor oil for moisturizing.
  43. Natural Lip Gloss
    Add a high gloss finish to your lip stick with just a dab of castor oil.
  44. Corn Removal
    By applying castor oil regularly to a corn it can be reduced in no time.
  45. Treat Mouth Sores
    Speed up the healing process for sores inside your mouth with the antibacterial properties of castor oil.
  46. Enhances CirculationPin It
    Placing a castor oil pack on the skin is known to enhance circulation.
  47. Treat Sties
    A small drop of castor oil applied directly to a sty can get rid of the infection.
  48. Relieves Gallbladder Pain
    Placing a hot castor oil pack over the affected area can provide relief from gallbladder pain.
  49. Treat Aching Feet
    Hand-warmed castor oil that is massaged into aching feet brings immediate relief.
  50. Cure Yeast Infections
    Castor oil is not only effective at inhibiting the growth of yeast, but also kills it.

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