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Video: 5-Year-Olds Will Teach You Mindfulness

An adorable video of kindergartners explaining the concept of anger and how to deal with it.

This short film was made by Julie Bayer Salzman, a filmmaker and a mom from California.

The idea first came to her when she overheard her 5-year-old son talking to his friends about what he feels when he is angry. And, more importantly, he was trying to explain what helps him deal with these strong emotions, which is taking deep breaths and thinking about something else. His knowledge on this matter came from social-emotional lessons that were being conducted at his elementary school. Yes, that is right, at some schools such lessons are part of the official curriculum.

Julie was very much impressed by how these lessons have influenced her child and other kids from his school, and how much they have learnt about getting rid of negative emotions. She was even inspired to take a mindfulness course herself, because, she thought, if her 5-year-old son knows this, why doesn’t she. She says that already after a week at the Mindful School she felt the positive effects, her relationships and emotional state changed for the better.Pin It

Having discovered so many benefits of mindfulness and meditation she decided to share her knowledge with the world, and, naturally, being a filmmaker, making a video about it was the best option. One Saturday afternoon she and her husband shot this video called “Just Breathe” right in their house.

The kids in the video are Julie’s son’s friends from kindergarten and everything they say is unscripted, they just talk about their own understanding of the complicated science behind anger. And they teach us a little something in the process too.

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