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5 Ways You Can Win At Life

So many people I come across seem to be dissatisfied with their life or at least certain aspects of it.

Winning at life may mean different things to different people. Some might want to live miles from anywhere and be self ­sufficient, whilst others may aspire to running a thriving business or climbing the corporate ladder, but for almost everyone happiness would be part of that winning.

So whatever your own success would be if you want to win at life try adopting these strategies below.

1. Be Yourself

There is no point comparing yourself to others because they simply might not be heading in the same direction.

If your colleague stays late every night and then gets the promotion they’ve worked for when you have been leaving as soon as you can because what is important to you is time with you family ­or perhaps your studies don’t feel resentful, ­ just make sure you are pursuing our own dream. Comparing yourself to others is rarely helpful.

2. Know What YOU Want

So we all want different things BUT there is a strong chance you will never get where you want to go unless you know what you want. It is ok to amble through life but not many people end up winning by doing that.

Often they end up feeling frustrated because they haven’t achieved what they wanted because they never really identified what that was. Lots of people say they know what they want but if questioned further only have very vague ideas. The more specific you can be the better ­ then you can actually start working towards what you want to achieve and start ‘winning’.

3. Believe In Yourself

The reason a lot of people don’t get what they want out of life is because they don’t believe they ever will. They lack confidence in their own ability and very often they have an underlying belief or mindset that good things don’t happen to them or that somehow they don’t deserve good things.

If you have a negative mindset then frankly it is going to be an uphill battle to have a positive life. So do a bit of mindset work because often our mindsets are subconscious so we don’t even realise the damage they do. One way to find out is to notice the tone of your thoughts when you think about your life and specifically success in your life ­ whatever success might look like for you!

Do you notice an inner voice saying you’ll never get there, perhaps even as you read this you have a whisper inside saying this won’t work for you. If that is the case don’t despair there is plenty of help available. Use your time now to start doing a bit of research on mindsets and success.

4. Limit Negativity

Negativity can come in all shapes and sizes. We can have negative thoughts ourselves and if we do go around with an ‘Eeyore’ mentality (he was the pessimistic donkey in Winnie the Pooh) saying that there’s always going to be a problem then there probably will be.

But negativity doesn’t just come from inside us ­ many of us have folks in our circle of friends or even our family who delight in being negative or putting us down.

Well, when you start to value yourself and believe in yourself you start to realise that actually you don’t need to put up with negativity so start reducing the contact you have with folks who insist on being negative.

5. Be GratefulPin It

In many ways this is also a mind­set ­ one that will serve you well. When you start to concentrate on what you have ­ not just material things and the wonderful world we inhabit, but relationships and even your own strengths an internal shift occurs and you will find you are more motivated.

Somehow when you focus on what you have achieved, on the good things you have right now in your life you will find it easier to believe in yourself, enjoy life AND be motivated to get more of what you want.

If you want to win at life try the advice above and see how your life improves.

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By Sheila Mulvenney
Sheila Mulvenney is a teacher, coach and therapist, specializing in helping people to achieve success in any area of their life, business, relationships, self image or wealth. Sheila works closely with people on their mind sets and limiting beliefs to help them create more positivity. She has witnessed some incredible transformations. Sheila is passionate about believing in the power of positivity and the abundance of the universe.

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