5 Ways To Workout On A Budget

Are you into your fitness but can’t face paying the hefty gym membership fee every month? You are not alone. Whether you are paying $15 or $75 a month, if you’re not regularly using your gym, you are throwing money down the drain.

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Here are 5 ways you can workout without paying to go to the gym.

1. Walk More

Everybody knows that going for a run is a great way to improve your fitness and burn calories. However, running may seem like too much of a challenge to start with, so try walking as a great alternative.

This may mean leaving a little earlier for work and walking part of your commute or going for a stroll after dinner.

You can incorporate walking into your lunch break. Instead of spending it sitting on your phone, go for a brisk walk round the block. These small actions burn a surprising number of calories, and it’s great to get some fresh air.

2. Purchase Home Equipment

Working out with equipment at home can be a great/more cost effective alternative to a gym membership.

While there is a cost of originally buying the equipment, in the long run, this will save money taking into account how long the equipment will last.

If new equipment isn’t in your budget, you can look on the internet for used gym equipment to save money.

If you don’t have space for larger equipment, start with small options like resistance bands.

3. Take Advantage Of Free Local Workouts

Check out your local gyms and community centres for any free classes. Heading to these classes with a friend will help to keep you motivated and make the activities great fun. Many studios offer free classes to local residents.

These classes are also a brilliant place to socialise and meet new people.

4. Embrace Your Inner Child

Playgrounds aren’t exclusive to children. They’re also great for fitness-seeking adults. Monkey bars for example, are great for strengthening your arms, back and abdominal muscles. If you are a parent, taking your child to the park can be great fitness for you too, children have unlimited energy and can keep you going when you are struggling to stay motivated.

5. Utilize YouTube

5-Tips-For-Working-Out-On-A-Budget-pinThe great thing about the internet is that it’s now so easy to access services that would normally cost you. For example, it could cost you hundreds of dollars to be guided through a workout by a personal trainer.

Now, many professional trainers have their own YouTube channels where they offer training that you can take part in from the comfort of your own home – without paying a penny. Plus, what’s better than doing a workout in your pyjamas?

The money you would save by cancelling your gym membership might not seem like a massive amount at first glance. However, when adding up the amount you could save over a period of time by doing all of these things, you will realise how easy it is to keep fit without the price tag.



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