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5 Ways To Improve Your Personal Relationships

In any relationship whether it is with a partner, family member, other relative or a close friend, there can be times when things seem to become difficult maybe following a disagreement or maybe simply with the passing of time.

Sometimes when that happens it is very easy to become negative and in no time at all things can go from bad to worse. Whatever the relationship try these simple tips to improve the relationship quickly and easily.

1. Make Time

We all lead busy lives and it is very easy to find that time for the people you care about can get squeezed out. In short if that happens then an adjustment is needed to ensure that you do make time for the people and relationships that are important to you.

It might mean leaving work earlier, or even turning off the TV in the evening so there is time to really talk.

It might mean actually NOT doing something else in order to have time to spend with the people that matter – but if you care about them then it shouldn’t be viewed as a sacrifice after all most people would say that relationships are one of the most important and rewarding aspects of their lives so it make sense to value them and that might mean investing time in them.

2. Communicate

It might sound obvious but often when relationships seem to wane it is because people have stopped communicating. Obviously real communication needs time but also a willingness to listen, sometimes perhaps to see things from another perspective.

Also when it comes to close relationships it is not just talking about all the practical or functional things but talking about how you feel, what is worrying you or exciting you – but that takes time, so that was why that was tip number one. Try going for a walk, or meeting for a coffee, anything that allows you time to have a conversation about the things that matter.

3. Laugh Together

One of the things that research is increasingly showing is that laughing is not only good for us as individuals but it enhances relationships. Think about the people you enjoy spending time with – chances are one of the reasons you enjoy spending time with those people is because you share a few laughs.

Even if it is not actual laughter shared enjoyment is something that can ‘oil’ relationships – but again that means you do need to spend quality time together not just share a word in passing.

4. Be Positive

If you do have a close relationship with someone then the chances are that there was something you liked about them. Even if it is a family member there are always going to be some that you enjoy spending time with more than others.

So… if things cool for any reason then remind yourself what it was you liked about them. Why did you seek them out to spend time with them – was it because of a shared sense of humor, or a sense of shared values?

Whatever the reason sometimes it is worth reminding yourself of all the positive attributes the person has. Yes sometimes people may change but often it is our perception of them changes and often this is because we haven’t spent time with them.

5. Don’t Make Assumptions

It’s very easy to find ourselves interpreting words or action and making assumptions about the motives. The problem is that often these assumptions can be wrong. Pin ItAll we actually see are actions or behavior – we can’t always know the motives behind them and until we do it is definitely better not to make assumptions.
So many relationships have been ruined by people interpreting actions wrongly. Maybe someone didn’t call when they said they would or even let you down in some way but until you know why, it is better not to make assumptions. Ask questions, find out, even let them know how you felt but don’t make assumptions until you have heard things from their perspective.

Close personal relationships are literally what makes the world go around for many of us so let’s treasure them and take steps to improve them when we can.

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By Sheila Mulvenney
Sheila Mulvenney is a teacher, coach and therapist, specializing in helping people to achieve success in any area of their life, business, relationships, self image or wealth. Sheila works closely with people on their mind sets and limiting beliefs to help them create more positivity. She has witnessed some incredible transformations. Sheila is passionate about believing in the power of positivity and the abundance of the universe.

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