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5 Ways To Be More Satisfied With Your Life

One of the main reasons people feel unhappy is because they feel like they haven’t accomplished anything and struggle with feelings of inadequacy and dissatisfaction.

But what if we told you that satisfaction, and the happiness that stems from this feeling, is something you can learn? Let’s take a look at some things you could be doing now to feel more satisfied with your life. By taking these five tips on board you’re guaranteed to live a more happy and fulfilling life.

1. Take A Moment To Be Grateful

When you meditate, and you should for a few minutes every day, take a moment, just a brief one, to think about everything you’re grateful for in life. No matter how badly you think you’re doing, you’ll be surprised how long it takes you to get through the list, especially if you get a little creative.

Just think about how you feel when you see flowers blooming, or when the sun comes through the clouds, it can be the little things as much as the big ones that can make us feel happy, so don’t just focus on stuff like having the perfect job or lots of money. By simply being grateful for what we have all the other stuff will disappear and make you feel pretty good about your life.

2. Live In The Moment

A lot of dissatisfaction stems from worrying about the future or ruminating on the past. When you forget to live in the moment and instead go either forward or backward in time you are treating the now as worse than either by default. An important step to leading a more satisfied life is simply deciding that you no longer want to live in either the past or future and are wholeheartedly plunging yourself into living in the now.

By doing so, and actively practice this idea you will notice an effect almost immediately as you take more pleasure in doing even simple things. You’ll also find that you’re more creative in finding things to do and that you spend less time just sitting around worrying about things.

3. Exercise

Exercise is the key to a happy life. By regularly going for a run, or doing some yoga or any other activity you’re getting your blood flow going and getting rid of a lot of pent-up energy and anxiety. It seems almost impossible for someone that gets regular exercise to feel dissatisfied with life, so make sure you run a lap around your apartment building or cycle to work as often as you can.

4. Love Yourself

Take a long, hard look at yourself, and then realize you’re pretty much great just the way you are. Really, you need to start accepting yourself for who you are and realizing that, no, you’re not perfect, but you’re getting there. By being a little kinder to yourself you’re letting things be how they may, which will almost automatically make you more satisfied with who you are anfd how you’re living your life.Pin It

5. Fake It Till You Make It

Though usually at home in the entertainment industry, this phrase is quite apt for our current purpose. Oddly enough, when you pretend to be happy all the time, you will eventually start feeling happy and satisfied. These positive feelings are contagious and if you try hard enough you will simply infect yourself with them. By radiating good vibes people will react you better as well, and having someone, anyone, smile at you can improve anyone’s day, so just turn on the charm and be more happy!

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By Nancy Burnett
Nancy, a Master Coach and Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach (CPCC) has a passion for helping her clients to live vibrant, authentic and fulfilling lives; lives that are under their total control and which have been shaped in exactly the way they want. She believes that you can live a life that you love and that it is possible to manifest your dreams into reality.

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