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5 Tips To Thrive In High-Pressure Situations

Do you ever feel that you have so many things on your plate that it’s hard to stay motivated or know where to start? Or maybe you’re facing new experiences like having to make an important presentation, having a difficult conversation with someone, having a job interview?

Chances are that pressure will be part of our lives, and we’ll have to go through difficult situations at some point.

However, how we perceive and handle these situations makes a difference between seeing pressure as a threat, feeling burnt and paralyzed, or seeing pressure as a stimulating challenge and an opportunity for growth.

It’s really up to us to merely survive or consciously choose to thrive.

Feeling pressure in manageable doses can be energizing and motivating to achieve great things in life.

Pressure can come from external or internal sources.

We need to learn to distinguish between the two because oftentimes, the stories that we tell ourselves about our ability to achieve things, and meeting certain expectations will increase the pressure we put on ourselves.

The good news is that staying motivated and thriving under pressure is a skill that you can learn and develop any time!

Here are 5 tips to help you thrive under high-pressure situations:

1. Slow Down And Take Deep Breaths 

Deep breathing is a proven way to help reduce anxiety and stress, and it will help you feel more centered and grounded.

When you feel pressure is mounting, just pause for a moment, close your eyes and breathe deeply a few times.

You will feel a wave of calmness that will help you see things more clearly, and it’s a great way of putting things into perspective.

2. Take It One Day At A Time 

Write down the things that need to get done, and chunk them down into smaller tasks that are less overwhelming.

Once you start crossing those items off the list you’ll feel a better sense of accomplishment, and you’ll be able to have a more positive mindset, which will help you stay away from worry and fear.

3. Re-Write Your Story Around “High-Pressure” Situations 

When you see pressure as a threat it will only increase feelings of fear that will affect your confidence. This will prevent you from getting the results that you want and deserve.

Instead, see pressure as motivation to learn new things, a new opportunity to collect more evidence that you can actually achieve great things, and shine.

4. Practice Radical Self-Care 

Build a conscious relationship with yourself by asking yourself what you need to feel calmer, more centered, and more empowered.

Develop a self-care practice that helps you feel better; whether it is going to bed earlier to feel restored, exercise more to increase endorphins, eat healthier foods, doing more things that give you joy, or taking time off to just be and show yourself some appreciation, make sure you give yourself what you need.

5. Ask For Help 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and support from others. Sharing how you feel with others you trust will alleviate feelings of anxiety.

As a plus, you might get valuable feedback or ideas that you would not have received if you kept your feelings for yourself.

Always try to focus on the bigger picture. Even if there are some things you can’t control, be flexible.

At the end of the day, our mindset and how we respond to situations will make a big difference on how we handle pressure and will increase our chances of achieving our goals and living our dreams with more grace.

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By Patricia Young
Patricia Young is a Transformational Life Coach & Strategist, host of a popular podcast, Founder of Inner Prosperity Academy, and author of a #1 Amazon Bestselling Book. Patricia passionately supports sensitive and growth-oriented women in connecting with their courage to identify and live their highest life vision.

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