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5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Creativity

Whatever you do for a living requires some creativity. Even if you’re just at home making the best of the day.

Everything requires a creative mindset and sometimes we have trouble finding ways to be creative especially when stressed.

Here are some ways to boost your creativity and make the best of every situation.

1. Relax Your Mind

The reason why our creative juices slow down is mostly due to stress or lack of time.

There is no way to force this so it’s best to start with relaxing. It seems contradictory, but actually it’s the quickest way for finding creative solutions to any problem at work or at home. Meditation works really well because by definition, meditation is stopping thought and stopping thought means stopping negative thought.

This makes a fresh start for your ideas to flow. 15 minutes is more than enough to “reset” your mindset.

2. Find Inspiration

Inspiration can come from literally anything. You could see a funny cat video and get inspired. The most important thing is that your input is making you feel good. This can mean watching a movie, listening to music, reading a book or whatever you feel like doing at that particular moment.

There is a reason why you feel inclined to do something especially if that makes you feel better. Your mind knows which way to turn for finding creative solutions to problems. Don’t hinder it with negativity.

If you allow yourself to follow those nudges coming from the mind, you’ll find your solution in a place you least expected it. True inspiration tends to do that.

3. Forget Other People’s Opinions

Ultimately, your creativity is your own and nobody else has anything to do with it. If you keep yourself in that state of worrying about what others might think of your actions or whatever it is you’re being creative about, it will definitely stop your juices from flowing.

No matter how crazy or silly your idea may be, go with it if it feels like the right thing. Let your own emotional guidance be the judge in this situation.

Seeking validation from others about your own creative ideas will almost certainly end up in you creating something you don’t like.

4. Visualize The End Result

Use your mind’s most powerful faculty – imagination. Imagining what it would be like to have exactly what you want to create already finished will definitely boost your creativity. In most cases, you don’t know what that is because you haven’t created it, but you do know how you want it to feel.

You know what kind of emotional response you want to invoke from that and when you concentrate on that feeling, your mind goes wild. Imagination is a powerful thing when you combine it with positive emotion about the end result.

5. Allow Yourself To Take A Break

If it’s not going well, it’s not going well. Even the most creative people on the planet have their slow days. That’s perfectly okay.

Don’t allow that to be a problem because it really isn’t. If you push it, you’ll end up hating the project and finding that creative stream will be virtually impossible. This ties in to the first thing we talked about. You need a relaxed mind to be creative.

5-Simple-Ways-For-Boosting-Your-Creativity-pinIf it’s not easy, you’re doing something to stop your creativity. Instead of pushing it, rather stop and relax.

You wouldn’t press the gas pedal in your car while the handbrake is on to move forward. You would release the brake and the car would move effortlessly.

That’s the key for being creative – being effortless.

It’s easy to get distracted by time limits and other people in the matter, but if you’re going to find that stream of inner creativity, you’ve got to be relaxed and feel good. Otherwise, every effort will be useless because the end result will not satisfy you. Be effortless and feel good about it.

Allow yourself to make mistakes because mistakes are not mistakes, they are learning opportunities you need to find the right solution.

Everyone can create anything they set their mind to. These tips will definitely get you closer to that correct state of mind for enabling creative juices.

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By Viktor Mauzer
Viktor Mauzer is a passionate writer, blogger and a certified law of attraction practitioner with years of experience in many personal development areas. He teaches those who want to understand the power of their own mind and loves discussing all matters of the Universe.

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