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5 Simple New Years Resolutions To Become Your Best Self

With the new year comes the motivation to set goals for self-improvement. If your aim is to become the best version of yourself, the resolutions below will put you on the right path to achieve this.

1) Get Great Quality Sleep

Getting a good quality night’s sleep can significantly impact your mood, productivity and general daily routine. You are much more likely to have a successful day if you have slept well the night before. The better you sleep, the more alert you will be during the day, allowing you to function to the best of your ability.

2) Spend Time With Awesome People

People have the biggest impact on your life. With this in mind, you should choose wisely who you spend your time with. Choose to surround yourself with the kind of people that will inspire you, motivate you, encourage you, uplift you, cheer you on when things are going well and support you even when times are tough.

When you spend time with these sorts of people you’ll find yourself feeling much more positive than when you spend time with people who drain you of your energy.

3) Focus On Your Health

Treat your body like a temple. Take note of what you put in it. Ensure that you provide it proper maintenance, attention, and discipline. The healthier you are, the more energy you will have and the better you will function. To operate at your best, you need to eat well, exercise and get great sleep.

_5-simple-new-years-resolutions-to-become-your-best-self-pin4) Don’t Be Afraid Of Making Mistakes

It’s not necessary to be perfect. Your aim should be to keep learning and growing, rather than focusing on perfection. Whilst trying to develop yourself, you will try things out and at times you might get them wrong. If you don’t feel that your first attempt at something went well, keep trying. Practice makes perfect. The more you practice the easier things become. Mistakes are an opportunity to grow.

5) Embrace Opportunities To Develop And Learn

Every day you will be presented with opportunities to learn and develop as an individual. Life offers limitless opportunities for growth. There are so many different ways to learn, two of the most simple ways are by reading widely, and listening to interesting people. The more books you read, the more wisdom you expose yourself to.

The more time you spend with interesting people and the more you listen to their thoughts and ideas, the more you will develop yourself.

If you focus on these goals in 2017, you will be well on your way on the journey to become the best version of yourself.

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By Mel Johnson
Mel Johnson is the founder of a blog that explores how to become the best version of yourself in all aspects of your life. She is currently developing a series of online learning courses to support people in reaching their full potential and live a fulfilled and happy life.

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