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5 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Reality

Your life can be a mix of people, places and experiences, a wonderful journal, a priceless gift and even its own fairy tale, but only if you decide that’s what you want it to be.

The reality is that if you see your life through the eyes of a person who’s positive, you can see your life as it is: amazing, phenomenal and full of challenges that are almost puzzles for you to solve. You can live without limits in reality and in your imagination and be someone who really lives in the present if you change your perspective.

Your first step towards becoming this new person is by realizing what’s so great in life to begin with, so read on to find out five reasons why you need to love your life as it is right now. You just may find that your life holds more promise, wonder and joy than you’ve ever imagined.

1. There Are Countless Opportunities

If you’re looking at “problems” in your life, your approach needs some tweaking. Instead of problems, what you have are opportunities. All around you are chances to look better, overcome your fears, grow, learn, make more money, meet new people and become independent. Your job here is to recognize and notice these chances and do whatever you can to take them.

On the flip side, you may have already accessed opportunities other people haven’t or can’t and just don’t realize how lucky you are. If you have a good job, for example, that’s a wonderful thing. Even if you’re not doing your dream work, if your job is pleasant enough and enables you to support yourself and/or your family, that’s an amazing achievement that not everyone else shares. It’s important to remember how lucky and blessed you are sometimes, so don’t be afraid to look at and acknowledge your advantages.

2. Amazing Places Abound

You may know someone who started traveling around the world and is still doing that today. That person realized there’s more to life than daily worries and tasks, the country you’re born in and the people you’ve always known. Part of you may envy that person’s sense of adventure, and another part may wonder if you could do the same thing. This is where you’ve got to be a little brave and reach out with both hands toward what life has to offer.

Visit a place with a new culture if you can, and do something different while you’re there. Go on a safari, climb a mountain, swim with dolphins in tropical waters, and see the rituals of others and take part. This will help you feel in a way you’ve never felt before, and you will become open to new places, things and people. Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back from trying new things. The only person you can let down here is yourself, so really let your imagination fly.

If you can’t afford to travel or don’t have the time, you can expose yourself to new places in creative ways. Use the web to learn about new cultures and view videos and pictures. One day, you may be able to finally take that dream trip, and you’ll want to be as open to the experience as possible. Even a small trip, to a town or city nearby that you never visited, can start opening the doors to new experiences for you.

3. Interesting People Are Everywhere

You may not have realized it, but the world is full of interesting and amazing people. Positive people can boost your energy and spirits just by being around you, and people who are always looking for something new can invigorate your life. There are also special people who earn your love and leave a deep mark on your life, making everything worthwhile and meaningful. Then there are selfless people who spend their time helping others, giving without expecting anything in return. It’s their compassion and kindness that make the world better. Last but certainly not least, there are mentors, leaders and teachers who create the progress we all enjoy.

There are so many fearless, smart, adventurous and inspiring human beings out there that you haven’t really lived if you’ve never met a single one of them. Even if you haven’t found your path in life just yet, having someone different in your life is a place to start. Get out there and be open to meeting new kinds of people. Don’t just go to the same old places; if you’re in bars on a typical Saturday night, try going to the park or a local museum instead. New surroundings mean new people, and the change of venue may just make you brave enough to try to forge some new connections.

4. You Have Time

The present moment is a gift everyone has in spades, and the time can be used however you want. Stop worrying about the past or the future, and start focusing on the now so you can fully experience life. Only in the present can you feel contented, happy and at peace. Learn to fall in love with the moments of your present, appreciate them and make the best of all of it!

Time isn’t limitless, and while you shouldn’t dwell on your own mortality, it’s okay to remind yourself of it sometimes to keep you motivated to live in the moment. People leave this world every day, and they would like nothing more than just a few moments of time, so don’t waste all the ones you have right now. Worrying about what has and will happen is pointless because you can’t directly change the past or predict the future, so keep yourself focused and living for the day.

5. The Force Of Willpower

Even though you fall, you get up. You make mistakes but still keep going. You lose, but learn to pick yourself up and move on. Your heart gets broken yet you still find a way to live with that. It’s almost like humans are superheroes, in a way. Despite all the challenges and pain life throws at you sometimes, you still find a way to keep going.Pin It

Willpower is an amazing force we all have, and it’s so strong it allows for survival of almost any situation. It’s easy to forget about your willpower until you’ve been handed a challenge or hardship, and then your strength surprises those around you and even yourself. Seeing a person rise up from the ashes is incredible; it inspires others and gives us all hope.

At the end of the day, your life is an incredible experience full of love, journeys, challenges and wonders to behold. It’s up to you what you do with it and what you get from it, so start off on the right foot today by learning to love all the wonderful things in your life right now.

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By Virginia Palomar
Virginia’s mother was the person to first introduce meditation to her, and has been fascinated ever since. How can I mind be taken to such a calm and peaceful state whilst still being awake? Her calling was to find out more, and help others to do the same! Now, Virginia specializes in Mindfulness Based Integral Psychotherapy and Life Coaching, and teaches her clients how to find sustainable relief from addictions, depression, anxiety and trauma-related distress disorders.

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