5 Reasons Why You Are Worthy And Deserving Of Manifesting Wealth

Do you truly believe that you deserve wealth? Are you worthy of being a millionaire?

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It might sound strange, but sometimes the number one thing holding us back from manifesting wealth is doubting that we actually deserve it. There are many reasons why someone may feel that they aren’t worthy of wealth, and we’ll get to these soon.

But what you need to know right now is that believing that you are deserving of a life of abundance is the vital first step to manifesting wealth, because this belief comes from a place of self-love and acceptance. Loving yourself whole-heartedly increases the frequency of your vibrations, and boosts your manifestation of power as a result.

So that’s why today, I want to share with you five reasons why you are worthy and deserving of wealth, so you can move past any fears and doubts that are holding you back right now…

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1. There Is An Abundance Of Money In The Universe Just Waiting For You To Let It In

There is no shortage of money in this world. Money is abundant, and there is plenty available for all who truly want it, including you. In fact, it is just waiting for you to let it into your life. Does this idea sound a little crazy to you right now? If so, that’s OK. But it may mean that you are operating from a scarcity mentality right now.

A scarcity mindset tells you that there is a lack of money to go around and a lack of opportunities to make money. And when you believe that money is limited, you can start to compare yourself to others and find reasons why you fall short–why you don’t deserve to have as much as others.

Unfortunately, this scarcity mentality has been largely in grained into our culture, and it can cause people a lot of unnecessary anxiety and desperation.


On the other hand is the mindset of abundance. When you develop an abundant mindset, you will learn that there are always new opportunities to make money, there is plenty to go around for all, and that you deserve to have wealth just as much as everyone else.

You will be free from the fear and doubt that previously held you back from wealth, and open to a future of financial freedom. To start adopting a more abundant mindset, a great way to start is to practice being grateful for everything you do have in your life right now (e.g. food, water, a roof over your head, your job). Once you start appreciating the small things, you naturally start to draw more abundance into your life.

2. You Have Your Own Special And Unique Talents To Create Wealth

One of the things about having a scarcity mindset is believing that you have to be a certain kind of person to be wealthy. For example, that you need to be top-of-the-class smart, have a career in dentistry or law, come from a wealthy family, or be a workaholic that never has time for fun.

The truth is, wealth has no prerequisites–anyone can become wealthy, no matter what their background. And whether or not you realize it yet, you have your own special strengths and talents that have the potential to bring great wealth into your life.

Once you start truly believing that wealth is waiting for you just around the corner, I guarantee that you will discover opportunities that you’d never have noticed before…

For example, the opportunity to turn one of your passions into a source of income.

3. You Are Not Limited By Your Past

It doesn’t matter what has happened in your past, your age or stage of life, or how bad you may have been with money…you can still manifest a future of wealth and abundance!

It happened for me. At the lowest point in my life, I was $80,000 in credit card debt, literally living in my office, and on the brink of a nervous breakdown. I just couldn’t see a way out of it. But now, I can happily say that I am a multi, multi-millionaire, free of all debt, and every day of my life is more amazing than I ever dreamed it could be.

How did I get from that point to this point? And, how can you transform your own life in the same way? Well, that is a story too long for this article. But if you’re interested in learning how I went from being thousands in debt to a cash millionaire in just a few years, then *you can check out my story here.


4. Everyone Deserves The Chance To Live A Rich, Happy Life

You, just as much as anyone, deserve the chance to live your richest, happiest life. So if money troubles are preventing you from living that life right now – a life where you are free to live the way you want – then it’s time to look at your relationship with money and how it is affecting the frequency of your vibrations. If you are feeling unhappy, frustrated, or fearful about your current financial situation, unfortunately these emotions will be causing your vibrations to be broadcasting at a very low frequency.

In this situation, trying to manifest wealth is like trying to plant a money tree in poisoned soil…it simply won’t grow. But if you can cultivate a mindset of abundance and self-love,
this will be a fertile, nurturing base from which your wealth can grow.

5. By Manifesting Wealth In Your Own Life, You Can Help To Enrich The Lives Of Others

One of the great things about having money is that you can use it to help others. Giving back to help others in need and spreading the message of abundance is incredibly rewarding. One way you can do this is by donating money or resources to charity. I myself support a number of charities – particularly the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as my Mom died of leukemia and the American Lung Association as my Dad died of emphysema.

Another way to do this is by helping your children to develop an abundant mindset and educating them about managing money, so that they too can enjoy an abundant future. Personally, through my work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and wealth coach, I try to help as many people as I can to *free their minds from barriers to wealth and experience the financial freedom they deserve.

Get Your Copy Of: The Skill Of Money Magnetism
Download and learn how to begin the automatic re-programming of
your brain for wealth, success and abundance, in just 6 easy steps.
"No matter if you have no education, are broke, stuck in a job you don't like, or just plain frustrated - Steve will take you through the fundamentals step by step."
~ Heather Havenwood

In conclusion…You are worthy of wealth. You are deserving of wealth. And now, you just need to start believing it, so that you can reach out to the universe and start manifesting all the wealth you deserve!

If you would like to learn more about cultivating an abundant mindset and attracting wealth in your life, I invite you to check out my *Free Mini-Book, The Skill of Money Magnetism.

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