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5 Foods From Your Kitchen That Will Make Your Skin Glow

Who doesn’t crave youthful, glowing skin? If you often look at celebrities and wonder at their skincare secrets, you might be surprised to know that many don’t get their good looks from a surgeon or out of a bottle.
In fact, your fridge and kitchen cupboards could already hold the key to skin vitality!

If you aren’t lucky enough to be blessed with a beautiful, glowing complexion, these 5 tips could help you to transform your skin in no time.

  1. Oats

There is a magical ingredient in oats that is responsible for promoting anti-aging molecules deep within the skin. Silica is great for boosting and maintaining collagen levels. In fact, collagen is a key ingredient in many skincare products. Why not save money and get your collagen from a purely natural source? Choose rough, unsweetened oats for a fiber boost.

Did you know that you can also make up a skin boosting skin pack using oats. Try mixing a handful of oats with half a cup of almond milk. Smooth over the skin and leave to dry. Oats are also great for calming and relieving eczema, and are often found in eczema treatments.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are a great source of vitamin K, a vitamin that is essential for stopping too much calcium building up in the skin’s elastin. When elastic becomes calcified, it becomes dry and inflexible and which is what causes wrinkles to develop. It can be hard for the body to absorb vitamin K, so try taking it with a dressing made with some natural yogurt on a salad.

  1. Sweet Potato

There are many vitamins that are great for the skin, but one that doesn’t get a lot of mention is biotin. This member of the vitamin B family helps to regulate the metabolism of fatty acids and to maintain the skin’s moisture levels. Sweet potato is also packed with vitamin C, which is great for the formation and maintenance of collagen.

  1. Flaxseed

Flaxseeds are great for sprinkling over cereals, salads and throwing into smoothies. Containing a pretty decent level of omega 3 fats, flaxseed helps to combat inflammation and help the skin to retain moisture.

  1. Pin ItOnions

You might not realise it to look at one (or perhaps to smell one!), but onions are great for the skin. This is because they are rich in sulphur. Collagen needs sulphur in order to reproduce, and this is what gives skin its plumped up and hydrated appearance. When skin looks plumper, it appears firmer and brings about a more youthful appearance.

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By Shauna Walker
Personal trainer, fitness coach and wellness expert for over twenty years. Shauna is able to connect personally with her clients because I faced my own wellness challenges at a young age. She started her personal journey towards feeling fit and healthy twenty years ago, and has never looked back. Once struggling with her weight, she also had confidence issues and found it hard to stick with diet and exercise. Shauna managed to break free of this struggle, and now wants to give back and share the lessons she has learned.

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