5 Creative Ways To Declutter Your Home And Your Life

If the idea of living an uncluttered and simple life appeals to you, the first place to start is at home.
A decluttered home can actually lead to a less cluttered mind and bring about a sense of calm and organisation that you have not experienced in a long while.
So, where in the world do you begin? These 5 creative ways to declutter your home are a great place to start!

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1. Ready Steady Stop!

Okay, before you get started, you need a plan of attack. If you have many rooms, closets, cupboards and drawers to deal with, the job might turn out to be much bigger than you thought. This can lead to you giving up or procrastinating.

Instead, start with one room at a time and break that room down into manageable segments. For example, you might want to start with tackling that overflowing wardrobe or the things you’ve been stashing under the bed.

Concentrating on and completing one job at a time is so much better than throwing yourself in at the deep end and struggling.

2. Give Away An Item A Day

If you have things that you no longer want, but which you think others might find useful, give them away! You might do this by taking them to a thrift store or you might have a friend or family member in mind for a particular item.

Either way, recycling is a great way to declutter and it will make you feel good too!

3. Fill One Trash Bag At A Time

You’re on a journey towards simplicity and inner peace, but it can be a hard struggle to get there. Start with an empty trash bag and make it your goal to fill one up every day, or more if you can manage it.

Once those trash bags start to build up, you’ll really feel a sense of achievement.

3. Give The Oprah Winfrey Closet Hanger Experiment A Try

Actually, this idea didn’t originate from Oprah, but she was the one to give it some credibility. If you are having trouble working out which of your items of clothing to trash or give away, hang all of them in the opposite direction. After you’ve worn an item, return it to your wardrobe so that the hanger is facing in the other direction.

After doing this for six months, collect the clothes that are still hanging on hangers facing the reverse direction. You haven’t worn those clothes in six months, so do you really need them?

4. The 12-12-12 Challenge

This is a really easy decluttering task and a very effective one too! All you need to do is locate 12 items to put in the trash, 12 items to be put back where they belong and 12 items to donate.

This can actually be a fun and very rewarding exercise as you have a set goal to meet. You might not achieve this in one day, but you could get the whole family involved so that you reach your goal quicker.

Pin It5. Change Your Outlook

Once you get started with the decluttering process and have cleared entire rooms, you will really start to notice the benefit for not only your home, but to your state of mind too. You’ll start to notice the clutter that you missed and be more at one with your surroundings.

Many people who complete the decluttering process make a concerted effort not to let things slide back to how they were because of the many benefits the process has revealed to them.

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