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5 Common Mistakes We Make In Relationships

Human interaction is one of the most complicated things on earth. That is why there are several career paths related to this department; publicists, counselors, physiologists, communications experts and life coaches.

They are all seeking (among other things) a way to help their clients interact better with other human beings. Us, the human species have evolved from being primitive animals that would communicate by punching and growling, to having extremely complex reasoning that can truly makes us feel like we’re aliens to the human species.

However, this alienation from others can be the result of making one, or several of the mistakes written below.

1. Expecting The Other To Be Perfect

If it’s hard for us to accept our own flaws, it is even harder to accept others flaws. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a friendship, romantic relationship or family relationship. It is our inability to accept others flaws that can push us to break away from that union.

No one is perfect, not you nor I. We all have our flaws and cracks and that is the beauty of being human, that we can errors. There is no contract that we came with that said that we were not allowed to make mistakes.

The best way of becoming alone is being too judgmental regarding others behavior. Of course! You should never deal with being disrespected, humiliated or abused. However, we do, sometimes become too strict regarding other people’s behaviors and forget about our own.

2. Not Saying “I’m sorry”

Saying “I’m sorry” is a way of accepting our mistakes. Why is it so hard to say those two words? Because it can make us feel vulnerable and it puts our ego on full display.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in saying “I’m sorry.” Like I said before, we are humans, and humans make errors. It is a normal condition of our species. Ego on the other hand is our biggest enemy; it keeps us from acknowledging our own flaws and accepting others.

The biggest problem in the world is the lack of compassion, and that begins in saying “I’m sorry.”

So here I go; “I’m sorry if this story has spelling and grammar mistakes, I’m not perfect.” I bet after saying this you’ll be less judgmental regarding my writing skills, or at least I hope.

3. Believing You Are Right

During a heated argument we can blind our minds from reasoning. Our pride keeps us from acknowledging to ourselves that maybe, just maybe, we are wrong.

Can you imagine our counterpart’s frustration if they can see we are wrong, but we defend our rightness at all cost? How would you feel if it were the other way around? You’ve probably been in that situation as well. I think we’ve all been on both sides of the argument.

However, if you are not sure whether you are right or wrong, just step away from the argument. Let your mind settle, try and see things from the other’s perspective, sometimes it’s not about being right or wrong but simply understanding the other’s point of view.

4. Lying

Nothing can ever get fixed if there are lies in the way. Unless both parties are willing to be utterly and completely honest little can be done to fix a bad situation.

Sometimes this doesn’t depend on you, sometimes it does. The most important part is knowing that if you are being completely honest and you know the other isn’t then you can rest in peace knowing you put your best. The only person you can fix is yourself.

Not every body is worth having in your life, and sometimes it ‘s better to say goodbye and walk away.

5. Not Having A Healthy Relationship With Yourself

Pin ItThe world around us can come crumbling down and many relationships will end. The most important part is to always have a healthy relationship with our own selves. This is what will bring peace when others end.

Many can make the catastrophical mistake of focusing too much in relationships with others and forget about themselves. That’s when you hear in psychologists couches the famous phrase “I don’t know who I am without him/her.”

Love yourself, respect yourself, understand yourself and you’ll find it easier to have healthier relationships with others.

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By Caroline D James
Caroline D. James was born in Mexico and is the founder and writer for a website where she explores a different perspective to ordinary life. She's a former world explorer turned life explorer, with a passion and fascination for alternative ways of thinking, living and loving. Writing is her passion. Caroline has lived in 5 different countries and loves to travel. She also loves almost everything that breaks away from traditional normality.

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